Wednesday, December 21, 2016

You're still here?

Hahaha hello hello, so yall remember how I told you that we would have changes this week and I would be leaving Departamental? HA GOOD ONE right? What happened is, I know who my new comp is going to be and where I'll be going but President gave us permission to stay in our area for Christmas, so we are going to do the changes this Monday. I'm going to the other side of the mission in San Bernardo and I'll be with Hermana Castro from Peru but for Christmas I'll stay here with Hermana Yufra and the people in Departamental which is cool.

Also one of the girls who is getting baptized TODAY erased all the pictures from my camera today, so here's some pics from my compi. Apparently in latin america, when someone has a birthday it is custom to mix together flour and an egg and throw it at the person so she did that for me haha. Was super awkward, there was flour everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Also this week, we had our ward activity for Navidad and it was super cool, we put up a bunch of tables with desserts from different countries, like the food that we eat for Christmas, so there was food from Colombia, the US, Argentina, Brasil, and Haiti and it was super fun. Although it was awkward cuz we had to "explain" the traditions of that country during Navidad, and I didn't know that we were going to do that so when they were like, "hey explain Navidad in the United States" I was like oh shoot okay and I thought that the new elder, Elder Christensen, would totally have my back and help me out cuz he's from the US but he totally bailed on me and was like "here Ill go pick some music from the US that we can sing while you talk about Christmas". Of course i forgot literally everything that we do during Christmas and this ward member had to help me out and talk about opening presents the morning of the 25th and the giant dinner that we eat and whatnot and i was just there like, oh yeah thats what we do right. And then we sang rudolph the red nosed reindeer in front of the entire ward and because I'm awkward I was dancing and clapping and trying to get people to sing but then i realized that it was in English.

 ALSO guess what, Im going to have a bicycle in my new area, and I will be living in the same house as Hermana DESPAIN!! How cool is that.

Also, I got to hold cualquier puppy this week but I don't have pics of them, but just imagine cute tiny little puppies. Like three separate occasions it was great. Buuut I think that is about it, I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Hermana Rand

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Look at this donkey

Hello hello!

Well to be honest this week was busy, but I don't have any crazy stories or anything... 

So heres some pictures from today! We went to the temple and then afterwards we were walking around Providencia and taking pictures with the statues and whatnot and I found the statue that I want to put in my future house, its the weird looking monkey thing that is spitting water out of its mouth.

And also, a bunch of people set up huge nativity scenes here which is cool cuz you can be walking around and all of a sudden its like "wow look at that giant manger with that big ole cow". And so naturally I took a picture with the donkey that was set up in one of those.

Also we had divisiones this past Monday, which is where we just switch companions with our sister training leaders for a day and it was weird because now our hermana leaders are in a trio, because one of them is going to finish up her mission on the 20th. So I got to teach in a trio! Which was really weird but also super great.

And we are going to have changes on the 20th, and we are pretty sure that I am going to leave and Hermana Yufra is going to stay in Departamental for the next change but we're not sure, we're going to find out this Saturday or Sunday. Which makes me sad because this is my first ward and I won't be here for Christmas, but I'm sure it will be great.

Also we are going to have two baptisms this next week! They are the two sisters that we have been teaching, Katrina and Konstanza, and they're going to have their baptism next Wednesday. Which will be awesome.

But okay, I think that is about it, have an awesome week!

Hermana Rand

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Its the most wonderful tiiiime of the yeeaaar

Thats our district but we had changes so now half of those people aren't here
Hello hello!

So this week was quite eventful, we went to go do stuff for my visa and whatnot cuz apparently i was a little bit illegal for a while there. And there was one day where we got locked inside of our house and another day where we got locked out of our house! Hahah

Okay so the first time where we got locked inside of our house was because something was wrong with our door handle and there's this guy who like fixes all of the houses and stuff of mission santiago sur and he came to look at the lightbulbs that didn't work. Then when he left we were like oh also our door handle is weird and he like twisted it and stuff and is like oh yeah ill come back in a few days and fix it and were like okay sweet thank you dude and he leaves and we lock the door. But then when we went to go leave, we couldn't open the door because the handle didn't work and we were like oh shoot we are going to die in this freaking apartment cuz the only other way to get out is by jumping out the window but we live in the 13 floor so its like thats only in case of emergency duh. But anyways, we had to call the elders and they came and broke into our apartment by using the card trick like Mike Wazowski when he used the credit card to break into that house.

And then another day, we accidentally left our jackets in the church and when we got home we realized that the keys were in Hermanas jacket and thankfully the elders live close to the church so they brought us our keys and we finally got inside our house at like 1145.

AND two of the haitianos that we have been teaching, se llaman Tiben and Emanuel now have a date for their baptism! They are so great, we had a lesson with Tiben and he told us that before, he didn't think that religion was important or anything but now he feels like this is the right thing to do for him, and he wants to follow Christ and that he feels super happy when he is in the church and when we have lessons with them and when his wife comes to Chile she wants to go to church with him and it was so awesome.

But anyways, that is about it for this week, hope you all have an awesome week!

Hermana Rand

We played with water balloons for pday today

Friday, December 2, 2016

Golly Gee Willickers

Hello hello! Wow, I have so much to tell you this week and so little time. So Im sorry if none of this makes sense, here goes! So you remember how we made pies last week? Yeah well we made one for each district and Hermana Gwilliam delivered them to each of the district leaders so that they could bring it to district meeting. But our leaders decided to bring it to pendones, and while we were contacting people in the street one of the elders from our ward dropped it on his feet. Although we still ate it because pie.

Also the day after thanksgiving, a member gave us turkey! The giblets from the turkey, but that still counts as turkey, right?

Also this week, Maria Jose moved to her new ward. But we passed along her new direction to the elders in her new ward and they have already called her twice so we know that she'll be fine. 

Also we had a lesson with two of our investigators who I have been teaching since I arrived here, they're two young girls and their mom is inactive so we are working with really the whole family. But anyways, we had a lesson with them and the mom and abuela left us so we had to go outside to teach them cuz theres a rule that we cant be in the house if theres not a woman over the age of 18 in it. But they have a pool in their backyard so while we were trying to teach, one of the girls just didnt want to listen to us and ended up throwing a bunch of water from the pool over me. So I was just like AHHH but afterwards, when we were all frustrated and stuff, the older girl goes "you know what hermanas? Ive been reading every night" And tells us about where she is in the book of Mormon and everything and that just made things worth it.

Also we had two days of service this week, one where we went OUTSIDE THE MISSION WOOHOO and pulled weeds and cleaned up an apartment complex place and on the way there a puppy started following us so naturally I started playing with it cuz I mean its a dog and it was cute and it followed us to servicio and stayed there and walked back with us and everyone was making fun of me for my dog and an elder named him bones but I dont know what happened to him because on the way home he stopped to eat garbage in the street.

Also in the park this guy gave us a balloon that said "Dios todos lo ve" or "God sees everything" and had a little creepy smiley face on it but he gave it to us cuz his friend told him "give it to them, they need to know the true God" and we were like hahaha chill dude theres only one God.

Also I gave a talk this week! Also some of our haitianos gave us haitiano food and it was sooo good. Aaaaand I think that is about it. Anyways, hope you are all doing well, love you!

Hermana Rand

This is our investigator that I talked about, she had a science fair and we went to vote for her
And this is Maria Jose

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving! They don't celebrate thanksgiving here. But està bien because today we made apple pies with Hermana Gwilliam. I mean "we" as in all the hermanas. So that was fun, they're going to give one to each district this upcoming Monday

Ummm okay lets see this week we had stake conference, and four of the Haitians that we are working with went with us to the chapel that day. And it was super cute, afterwards, one of the girls was talking to me, she's just a year older than me, and she said, "i want to be a sister like you, how can I be a sister?". As in, like, she wants to be a missionary. And right now she's an investigator. But they are super cool, only one of them is a member and he really wants to serve a mission too. So he helps a bunch in the lessons which is great cuz they're usually a mix of Spanish and Creole and occasionally English.

Also, this week a member told us a cool experience that she had. But first, backstory, like a few weeks back we ran into her on her way home and she has two little boys who are sometimes a little too much for her. So we helped her get them home by like playing and running around with them and she was super grateful at the time. Anyways, flash forward to when we were in a lesson for her and she told us that one day she was super frustrated because her one son didn't want to get on the bus and was having a tantrum and she just felt super like overwhelmed I guess. But she remembered something an hermana of the church said about angels taking care of God's children and she prayed kind of angrily and said like, Heavenly Father if you really care about me please send me one of those angels to help me get my boys home. Then she was able to get her son on the bus and when she got off she ran into us and we helped her get her kids home. And at the time, she kept saying like oh you are angels and we didn't think anything of it, it was like aw hermana don't worry about anything but then she told us that story and it was like awww hermana. Cuz after that she was like talking about how she knows that our prayers get answered and we were sent there to help her in that moment. It reminded me of a talk that we heard in the CCM where one apostle, I have no idea who, said that we have to stop worrying about if the thoughts and feelings we have are the Spirit or only our own thoughts because it is after we act on it that we will be able to recognize it but the important thing is that we don't have the fear to act.

But anyways. Thaaaats about it. Hope you all have a happy thanksgiving! 

Hermana Rand 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

hello hello

Hola! How is everybody? Im not going to lie, I dont really remember what happened this week, big surprise right?

Buuut umm oh something cool was that in the MTC here, the missionaries get to leave the MTC and work for a few hours with missionaries in the field, which we didnt have in Mexico. So a bunch of super new missionaries came to our mission and we got paired up with them and my companion was Hermana Bouza, she was so cute she was from España I mean Spain and she was just great, she wanted to talk to everyone that she could and was so excited to be proselyting and it was so much fun. Actually, theres a mormon message about her but I cant remember what its called sorryy. But she was awesome. 

Also this week we found a house of Haitianos, one of them is a member, hes a convert of like 3 months and he is super excited to help us because no one in his house is a member. So we are teaching them and this week we had 4 haitianos accompany us to church this sunday. So that was super cool.

Umm and Maria Jose, one of the young women that we have been working with and who has been progressing a bunch is going to move this sunday which is super sad, we had our last lesson with her yesterday. But the good thing is that she has been coming to church and doing her personal progress and we are just really really hoping that the missionaries in the new ward will be able to work with her as soon as she gets there.

Also for this pday we played kickball as a district until on of the elders kicked the ball on the roof of the building next to the church and we couldnt get it back haha. And then we went to the house of a member because she was having a barbecue for her birthday. So that was cool cuz she invited a bunch of other sister missionaries to come so I got to see Hermana Despain again.

Buut anyways that is about all, but I hope that everyone is doing great, until next week!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Temblor in Chile

So guess what!! There was a temblor this week!! I dont know what the word is in english (maybe its the same??) but from my understanding, it is not an earthquake but is almost an earthquake. But the point is, literally everyone else felt it except for my companion and I. We were walking in the ferria, which is like umm like like the farmers market but not really its just outside and they sell everything you could possibly imagine and its goes on through a street for quite a few blocks and yeah so we were there and the elders called us and were like hey did you feel the temblor and I was like "ha good one what temblor" and turns out they were not lying I just didnt feel anything so booo.

Buuuut umm what else happened this week. Oh yeah heard that Trump won woopdeedoo everyone kept asking me who I was voting for.

Also since they don't have Thanksgiving here I feel justified in singing Christmas songs all the time so thats happening. Also our ward had their halloween party this past ummm Friday I think it was and everyone was dressed up it was so fun. But as missionaries we couldnt really do much so Hermana and I just used our skirts to dress up as women from India and the elders wore sunglasses and were Men in Black ahahaha it was so lame in comparison with everyone else but hey what are you gonna do. 

ALSO this pday we went and played QUIDDITCH as a zone oh my gosh it was the funniest thing of my life. They made us pick houses and they had hula hoops hung from the cieling as goals and we all brought brooms and it was freaking intense ahaha and afterwards we WATCHED the first Harry Potter (we had permission okay) and we made butterbeer and it was just great oh my heck. I love quidditch. We're such nerds.

Umm okay not going to lie I think thats about it umm Jorge is doing good he and his cousin are having a contest to see who can read the Book of Mormon faster which is great cuz I mean yeah they're talking trash but they're reading so can't complain right?

Anyways, I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

Hermana Rand

A few more pix she sent after I updated the blog...

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Zone Conference, Halloween and the Supernatural car

Hello family!! 

Not going to lie, I dont really know what happened this week other than the usual walking around and teaching people, sooooo ummmmm, sorry if this letter is a little boring.

But! this week at zone conference President announced that we arent going to be able to leave the mission anymore for p-days and that we can only go to the temple 6 times a year and we can only go with members to the temple for their sealings or for their endowments. So thats a bummer because that cuts out going to the temple for baptisms with Jorge and also since our mission is super tiny we have to be really creative to think of things to do for p-day, haha. This week Im pretty sure everyone went to eat food somewhere and play soccer or volleyball, haha. 

Also this past Sunday we went to teach a few Haitianos and they were super cool but it was super confusing because one speaks English and not Spanish and the other speaks Spanish and not English so Hermana and I were basically teaching everything twice haha.

Also! Haha, Mom and Dad, you both told me that they probably dont have Halloween here but its funny cuz here everyone talked to me as if we dont have Halloween in the United States, hahaha. But yeah we were super lame, we walked around trying to find people to teach and ended up helping Jorge and his cousin Carol decorate their house for a Halloween party. And then we found out the next day that our Elders just went out and ended up trick or treating cuz apparently "everyone thought they were dressed up as misisonaries" ahahahah.

ALSO y'all know that sweet car from last week? I sent you a picture of it? The one that looks like its from Supernatural? Yeah so we saw that car parked outside a house this past week and I was like wow there it is again and so we go and I was looking at it and then this lady walks out of the house and we start talking to her and she was so nice and she knew the missionaires from like 8 years ago but then moved to Canada and then she moved back to Chile. I dont know what happened but when she met us she was super receptive and we'll have another visit with her next week. So that was cool, thank you Spirit and Supernatural car. 

Also!! Jael Kanani I got your letter and it made my DAY!! Thank you so much, a response letter will be on its way soon.

But umm, yeah, also we had service yesterday painting a house which was fun but it basically turned into a paint war with us and the family and the Elders.

Buuut anyways I think thats about all. I love you, have a wonderful week! 

Hermana Rand

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Another baptism!

Hi family!! 

Wow what even happened this week, I don't know. We had the baptism of Danilo! He's the son of a family here and he has down syndrome and until this past month the family didn't think that he could get baptized or something but yeah that happened!

AND I GOT MY PACKAGEEEEE YAYYYUHHHH. Best day of my life I swear, BUTTERFINGERS are so good, oh my heck. 

Also this week we found a Haitiano walking in the street and so we went and talked to him and he's only been in Chile for a month so he doesn't speak too much Spanish so i taught him in English and BOY WAS THAT A STRUGGLE. Man, it is super hard to teach in English. He asked us all these perfect questions like yeah why is the Mormon church different from the Catholic and others and whatnot and it was like well i know why in Spanish but i don't know what to tell you in English hahahaha. But he was super cool and we're going to go back and teach him this Sunday and give him a Book of Mormon in Creole. He was super excited to find out we have Book of Mormons and pamphlets in all kinds of languages.

Ummmmm what else happened this week, let's see. Oh apparently in Argentina mothers day is in October, not sure what day, but happy mothers day, Mom! Hmmmm what else? Hermana Yufra and i didnt have changes this time so we'll be together again for this change which is cool cuz we are working with a family who has two daughters who are going to get baptized in December.

But anyways, i hope everyone is doing super well, I love you!!

Hermana Rand

... for pday today we went to the stake center as a zone and wore pajamas and watched kung fu panda hahaha i forgot how funny that movie is. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Baptism this week!

Hola family!!  

WOW what happened this week? So so MUCH is what happened! The highlight was that we had the baptism of Jorge!! It was so awesome, that was definitely the happiest I have been since I have been here. Also!! We might get to go to the temple with him!! Either this week or next but Im super excited for that too. 

Also, we had a noche de hogar with a member family and the dad made us hamburgers and they were sooooo good.

Also this week we had service for a lady in our ward and it was super fun! HA chiste [translation: j/k], what we did was cleaning wool. She had a bunch of sheep wool in a box and it was all nasty and poopy, like it had poop and stuff stuck in it. I mean dirt and stuff too but mainly poop from where the sheep laid on the ground and whatnot and we had to pull apart the wool and separate it to make the poop fall out. But if it didn't fall out we had to pull it out. Hahahaha yeeaah service! 

Also we helped a family move and guess what I learned? I learned that when people move here, they just throw everything into big black garbage bags and throw those bags into a giant truck. But its usually a good idea to make sure that your big ole moving truck has a functioning battery because if it doesn't than you have to have 6 people push that truck full of all kinds of fun things to your new house. Yeah we pushed a giant truck with a mountain of stuff in the back from one house to another. It was so funny, and then when we unloaded it we had to push it back to the house around the block. Hahaha that was fun.

Also we had a super good district meeting this week about the attributes of Christ and we each shared experiences about times when we really knew that God was real and that he cared about us.

But anyways, that was what happened this week, it was super great, I love you!! 

Hermana Rand

after the baptism, dead tired :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

hola hola hola

So this week was super fun, and also super stressful but stil it was great! We got to go the to temple with Maria Jose, she is a young woman who has been less active for a while but we've been working towards her reactivation. Going to the temple was super awesome, we got to see her do baptisms. 

And also, hmm, lets see, what else did we do? We did pendones in the ferria, that's like a big old farmers market, but not really a farmers market, they sell everything you could every imagine and it is the length of like an entire street through the city. Not like through the city but through part of the city, but still its pretty big. And so yeah we did pendones there and man, did everyone hate us. Hahah no one wanted to talk. We got people who asked oh, you're Mornons? Yeah, okay, ciao, i don't like the Mormon church and it was like haha okay have a lovely day I'll see you in the next life and teach you the gospel there.

But ummm yeah today we had to clean our apartment so that was what we did for the first like three hours and then we went to the chapel and made melinesa which is like an argentinian sandwich thing which was good. 

Annnnd... what else the heck happened this week? We had to leave one of our less actives because she just wasn't progressing at all which was super sad. Butttt um yeah i think those were the highlights! I love you!!

Hermana Rand

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hola hola hola familia

SOoooooooo what happened this week?

Well conference was super fun. Actually it was super cool because we got there and we were listening to it in Spanish and i could really only understand like half of Elder Uchtdorf's talk and i was super frustrated cuz all week we had been pumping people up and inviting everyone to conference and then we got there and i couldn't understand very much of it and i was just like "I JUST WANT TO LISTEN TO THE WORDS OF THE PROPHETS BUT I CANT". I was super like - ugh - but then an elder came up to me and told me that they were going to broadcast it in English because they had a room set up for the conference to be broadcast in French but no Haitians showed up. So me and two super new missionaries and another companionship of Americans got to listen to the Saturday sessions in English and it was so awesome. It actually felt like a miracle because i was praying so hard to be able to understand the talks and BAM here's some English for you.

My favorite I think was by that one guy in the Seventy who talked about Joseph Smith "because Joseph was a prophet". Yeah, that was super awesome. Also Mitsubishi Yamasushi [really close, Aleigha, his name was Kazuhiko Yamashita, lol] who talked about the missionary in Japan and asked "why am I here" and he was like "you're here for my benefit". Yeah, that one was emotional for all the missionaries in the room - like, wow.

But ummmm yeah what else happened this week. Um, we had divisions so my sister trainer came to spend the day with me for a day and my comp went with her comp for the day and it was hilarious because we were contacting or i mean knocking on doors oh yeah tracting is the word in English and we knocked on one and this old guy walks out and i say "hola hola como esta" and he looks at us and walks back into his house and shuts the door hahahaha. So that was super awesome.

And for p-day today we went to our stake center with our zone and we watched the Singles Ward 2 and got pizza and played futbol so that was fun. I don't have too many fotos of today - sorryyyy. 

But um yea,h what else happened? Oh yeah we bought completos as you can see. 

This big ol hot dog is called a completo and thats why everyone says the hot dogs in chile are super good. cuz they're COMPLETOS MMMM

But anyways, i think that was about it so ummm yeah i hope you al have a fantastic week! I love you!

Hermana Rand

Sunday, October 2, 2016


Hola family!!

Well, parents. 

Wow this week was super awesome! We got to go to a conference for all the Haitianos in this area and it was all in french or creole I cant tell the difference. And also we sang a hymn in a home video about a dog.
Yeah. We sat on a couch and sang with this dog. It was so awkward hahaha. 

Also we helped a member clean the floor of her house by scrubbing steel wool all over it. That was fun. And we taught Damian, who is our investigator who has all kinds of questions, like "what is the soul" and "will god forgive someone who kills someone" and "do you guys believe in nirvana" and literally all kinds of weird things.

Also we had a ward activity for the 18 of September, which is their independence day. So they had dancing and food and it was super fun.

Also for this pday we went to the house of the President and watched womens' conference which was super fun, it was all of the sisters in the mission.  I loved it. President Uchtdorf's talk in specific was suuuper good.

Oh my gosh what else happened this week. I think that was pretty much it. Im super excited for general conference, hopefully I can understand it all hahaha. Okay, I love you!