Saturday, July 30, 2016

Last letter from the Mexico MTC!

Last letter in the MTC! I am so ready to get out of here. Like I have loved it, and Im not nearly ready spanish wise to go to another country but I AM SO READY. Haha. Anyways.

So there is this elder in my district who has been talking a while about christmas in july, like "get ready for christmas in july" and weve all been like what is that no why and then on the 25th we all walk into our classroom and he and his companion had drawn all over the whiteboard like "feliz navidad en julio!" and they had drawn a fireplace and a little tree and they hung socks off the board with our names on them and they had actually gotten us all like little candies and stuff and it was just the CUTEST thing and we got to keep our socks and literally it made my day it was just so cute and thoughtful. So. Happy late christmas in july. 

Also I dont know if I have told you this but the other hermanas in my district are the best. And this is a stupid story but honestly its just the same classes and stuff here every day so Im going to tell you about it. So every night, when we turn the lights off there is this one sister, holmes, who just TALKS and asks us all questions and whatnot and one night we start singing becuase why not and we do a four person round to the song "i love the mountains" and it was really funny becuase Ackerman couldnt sing while everyone else was doing a different part so she plugged her ears and sang and at one point the three of us stopped singing and just let her sing an entire verse alone and she was plugging her ears so its not like she could tell really what notes she was singing and it was just so bad we were dying. 

ALSO. I got my itinerary, we are leaving the MTC [on Tuesday, August 2nd] at 5:30 and our flight is at 11:30 or something, we have to be there 3 hours early for international flights, and its 8 hours long. So. Not 12 hours woohoo! 

Also we heard the BEST devotional this past tuesday, it was by Elder Netzahualc√≥yotl Salinas. Yeah. Have fun pronouncing that name. We had to ask some latino hermanas sitting behind us how to say it. 

Also my teacher, after I said the prayer yesterday, asked me if I had latinos in my family and when I said no, like just islander stuff mixed in with some white stuff he told me my accent was good. HA. So I may not understand what the heck people are saying when they talk to me and I may not know how to properly conjugate words but the stuff i can say sounds legit. So. Yeah. 

Also Caitlin gave me a plan of salvation shirt before I left and I totally used it in our lesson. Its just, it was in English so I had to tape a piece of paper over it and it looked really ghetto. But est√° bien! Haha so thats what the picture is of, it originally said "you are here". Anyways.

I love you all!!

Hermana Rand

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hola parents!!

Hola hola hola!

So I am very sorry if this letter is kind of boring, this week has pretty much just been the same. Classes, devotionals, looking at the beautiful mountains, trying and failing to speak to the natives here, you know. Haha. But seriously everything is great! The temple last week was sooo much fun, it was seriously gigantic. Like really, there were escalators. In the temple. Because it was so gigantic. And also when we were all changed and everything, me and the half black girl who is one of my roommates, Ackerman, tried to get some of the headphones to translate everything and they asked us if we actually needed one. haha they were just giving them to all the white people and then we tried to get one and they're like, you need? Si si we very much need haha. Also it was so much fun being outside of the CCM and seeing the city again. It got me so excited to go to Chile. It was really sad because when we were on the bus, we drove by this woman who was on the phone and was crying and all I wanted to do was jump off the bus and give her a hug and tell her "I don't know whats wrong but we can help, we have a message for you, please just let us help" and now I seriously cant wait to go meet the Chilean people and I'm so excited to teach people and help people. 

You guys want to know one of the best discoveries yet? After the Joseph Smith translation there's this reference thing called the "Harmony of the Gospels" which I had no idea existed and neither has anyone I've showed it to but its just an outline of Christ's life and ministry with scripture references from Matthew mark luke and john and the Book of Mormon and it is so cool. Check it out. 

Okay, on a serious note. I have really bad feet tan lines. And its only been a month. And I'm inside most of the time. So. Its going to be bad when I come home after 18 months. 

Have I told you guys how much I love my district? We have so much fun. And we learn so much. And our teachers are amazing. And only four of us aren't going to Chile so the plane to Santiago is going to be just packed with missionaries. 

Oh also we get our itineraries next week. Someone told me that it'll probably be around 12 hours buuut idk? I might actually die. Also my companion and I are going to buy Book of Mormons before we go and try to give them to people in the airport. UUUUUGGGGGHHHH what else happened. Our lessons are going really well. Most of the time. And its really nice because we don't translate our lessons anymore, we just make an outline in english and say whatever we need to in spanish when we get there. Im sure it is probably the worst spanish our teachers have ever heard but whateeeevvvs. haha okay I am going to write some people back and then try to figure out how to send pictures again but I love you!!

Mexico City Temple

Aleigha, Hermana Holmes, Hermana Knechtel & Hermana Ackerman...

Friday, July 15, 2016


Hola hola hola familia!

So this week has umm been kind of the same hahaha. The conversion rate for time is down to 1:1.5 now so not too bad. This one Elder in my district said the quote "the days go by like weeks but the weeks go by like days" which feels pretty accurate hahaha. Also we get to go to the temple today!! Im so excited and I'll try to send pictures next week. I'm also just really excited to drive through Mexico.

So funny story, we were teaching our investigator who is actually our teacher and usually our lessons are really like serious and spiritual and he's kind of intimidating as an investigator but this time we were teaching outside for one and were sitting underneath this tree and theres SO many birds in it just like flapping around and making noise and shaking stuff from the tree onto us so Im like trying to read a scripture while all this stuff is raining down from the sky and we're all trying to focus and then this cricket starts chirping right next to him and he looks at it and then theres all these bugs everywhere and then my companion asks a question and he looks at me cuz I dont think it made sense and he tries to answer it and then there is like POOP raining from the sky from the birds and he just busts up laughing and I couldn't even hold it in anymore so I started laughing and my companion is still trying to bear her testimony and he starts laughing at me laughing more and it was just a disaster so I said " en el nombre de JesuCristo amen" and we just ended the lesson and then we were all just dying because it was so bad but it was so funny oh my heck. You don't have to put that on the blog thats just kind of for you guys. 

Also we tried to play soccer this week. And I totally faceplanted by tripping over the ball. And then I accidentally tripped my companion while I was on the ground so literally both of us had our faces in the grass hahhaaha soccer is definitely not something you can just pick back up haha it was so funny. What else happened this week.

So my companions are great. Momma, my actual companion is Teagan the girl from my ward at BYU. We get along so well and its so nice teaching with her. Although literally all my companions are soo bad at being on time and it drives me crazy. And they get fed up with me trying to make them on time. I'll be asking what time we have to be somewhere and they'll be like UGH HERMANA RAND its FINE. And its like, literally if there is one time to be on time to everything it is during your mission sooo por favor. But we all get along really well and theres no real problems which is nice. Mmm this sunday we watched the John Rowe Moyle video, one about sister missionaries, and one about the ministry of Christ but it was with a weird actor for Him so it was just creepy watching it. That was mean. BUT CHRIST DOES NOT LOOK CREEPY DO NOT CHOOSE SOMEONE CREEPY TO PLAY HIM. 

Our district gets chastised a lot for not using spanish as much as we should so now we try to speak spanish all the time. It is definitely not good spanish I can tell you that. I think it would be so cool to be an MTC teacher when I get back but I don't think that I am like, righteous enough for that haha. 

ALSO! I was talking to this guy from the Dominican Republic and he told me I wasn't american because of my color and I was like mmm pretty sure I am and it took him forever to understand the word hawaiian but then I told him my dad was blanco and he laughed. It was funny. Anyways. could you say thank you to everyone who is asking about me? Thats so nice of them. But yeah!! I love you all!! 

mmm I guess you could put that story in the blog but I don't think other people will think its that funny soo mm up to you hahah. Okay! I'll write you guys individually now!

Thursday, July 7, 2016


[I'm piecing this week's post together from a bunch of separate emails that Aleigha sent today, so I'll try not to mess things up too badly. Aleigha is still trying to get her time management down - they only have an hour on the computer on p-day - so we told her we'd do it this way for now. Oh, and I'm not editing for grammar, spelling, etc... You'll see that she's starting to lose most of her ability to write in English, which must mean she's turning into an awesome Spanish speaker :)  ~Dad]

Hola hola! 

First off, thank you guys SO much for the letters, I totally got them and it MADE my DAY! Although our district leader is supposed to pick up the letters each day with his companion and so his comp goes "did you pass out the mail? to the ONE PERSON WHO GOT IT" haha it was so funny he was so bitter. Also sounds like the fourth of july was super fun!! For me, the fourth of july was literally the BEST because in the cafeteria we walked in and they had decorated the tables for us with red and white and blue tablecloths and they made us BURGERS with BACON on them and little mini apple pies with ice cream on top and curly fries and oh boy it was literally the greatest thing. And then we all sang the national anthem and all the latinos put their hands on their hearts and just stood there while we were singing and it was really cute. 

ALSO! I forgot to tell you something funny that happened last week. So the first sunday we got here, we watch some kind of video every sunday night, and that time we were watching Meet the Mormons and the part came on with the elder who leaves and it showed his mom crying and holding his hand and him saying goodbye to everyone and the batch of missionaries that came in the same day as me was like a hundred right so we were wtaching this part and just the entire auditorium was like trying to hold in their EMOTIONS two of our elders were totally crying and just everyone was like trying to hold it back and then we all just started laughing and talking about it and going DANG IT IS TOO SOON and it was so funny just everyone was cracking up to stop crying. Also this sunday we watched the john tanner video, the atonement one, and the one about garments so the first person to connect those videos wins becuase we couldnt figure it out. 

So now the time is more like 1:2. So one day feels lilke two, not four. And you want to hear something crappy? As you learn spanish, your english totally degrades and you start sucking at english. but youre not getting that much better at spanish. SO YOU JUST SUCK AT SPEAKING ALL THE TIME. But ah well. Also my roommate got pooped on by a bird hahaha. And I have decided Walter Rane or Rone Im not sure if its an a or an o is my favorite gospel artist. Look him up. 

Also this week we got to do TRC which is where you teach volunteer members and investigators and stuff and Hermana Knechtel and I taught this one lady who was super cute and this little old man who was just the CUTEST like the grandpa I never had and he was just asking us so many questions and told us about his son on a mission and then afterwords he gave us CANDY and he was SO CUTE. It was seriously so fun. 

I was seriously so nervous to take this picture cuz I didnt know if they would want to do it but then I asked averyone and they were like LETS DO IT and then one of the elders asked if we could get it on his camera cuz it was his sisters birthday that week so we just took out the maile and then three other people sent it to someone whos birthday it was hahaha. BUt i was the original. tell maile that.

I love you so much family!! Just know that the MTC is wonderful and OH DAD I meant to tell you that the food is actually really good most of the time it just um took us um a while to ehhhh transition hahaha both my companion and I have been emm sick stomach wise during this past week but all is good now!! Haha but it is really good mmm they make good mexican food I wonder why haha. Also mom! Just to let you know I was actually getting kind of sick like my throat and stuff and then i started taking my vitamins and all is well now! haha so I do take them now because I would like to not die in mexico. also I forgot to tell you guys how my companion and i accidentally trespassed yesterday and this security guard wrote down our names hahahhaa. Anyways, I love you all so much! And I love being a missionary, I just cant WAIT to actually get to Chile and meet the people! 

Also I totally did find your notes!! Thank you so much parents! they made my day and I still like reading them. Anyways, good luck to maile with her teeth and whatnot! I love you so much!!

Okay I think I have to go but I love you all so so much! Be safe! hope you feel better maile! I love you!


Friday, July 1, 2016

Aleigha's first post! From the MTC... (Her P-days while there are on Thursday)

Hello everyone! 

         This has literally been one of the longest weeks of my life. We figured out the conversion rate and it is 1 to 4 so one MTC minute equals 4 real life minutes and 1 week is 4 weeks really so technically ive been here a month. But it is wonderful! The second day here they had us teach and investigator, who is actually our teacher just playing the role of the investigator but it was based off of someone that he actually taught but we didnt know that the first day, and we had to teach entirely in spanish and oh boy let me tell you it was HORRIBLE hahaha. We had everything written out but we jsut didnt know how to speak and oh golly. And he is just difficult, like he says yeah he likes the church but his spouse hates it and she might leave him and whatnot. And he also just doesnt really have faith. So yesterday, we went in with for our fifth lesson with him and we jsut didnt have a plan really we figured we would ask him questions and try to answer them and then just testify to him what we know is true.  So before we go in I just beg in our prayer to receive help, I said Heavenly Father we do not know what to say. Please let us be able to teach by the spirit and for David to feel the spirit as well. and the thing is we didnt even know what to say in spanish. So we go in there, just blind really and we start talking to him and its rough but then I just start telling him like, this gospel is true and through it, you and your family can be together forever. And just both me and hermana Knechtel are just bearing our testimonies, and the Spirit was so strong in there. When we got out we just felt so good and we just realized that that is why we are here, we just want to help people feel that in their lives and I just realized how impatient I am to actually get to Chile. I just want to meet the people there and hear about their lives and love them. 

      Also we sat next to some latinos on the third or second day here and we started talking to them and this one guy was from Peru so I tell him I have a friend there and we have a little conversation and then I just was so excited that I had actually talked that I turned to my companions and go YOU GUYS I TALKED and then all the peruvians freinds were laughing and making fun of him and all of mine were and now my companions call him my Peruvian and we have bets to see if he will write me because the room that they studied in were across the hall and they got all of our emails so I will keep you updated on that. 

       Oh my district is hilarious. But also super hardworking. And my spanish is... coming along haha. I can bear my testimony and my companion and I have the lessons down in really poor spanish but you know. Okay so I thought I was getting pretty alright and then we sat next to some latinos today at lunch and I DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING. but esta bien. If shelbi davidson is reading this I met a teacher here who went to your mission and I asked her about you and she said she know you and she was your training leader or something, her name is sister martinez soo I know that is a super unique name but she seemed to know you! Anyways, thank you to everyone who has written me, I hope your week is wonderful!! Love you!

Hermana Rand