Friday, July 1, 2016

Aleigha's first post! From the MTC... (Her P-days while there are on Thursday)

Hello everyone! 

         This has literally been one of the longest weeks of my life. We figured out the conversion rate and it is 1 to 4 so one MTC minute equals 4 real life minutes and 1 week is 4 weeks really so technically ive been here a month. But it is wonderful! The second day here they had us teach and investigator, who is actually our teacher just playing the role of the investigator but it was based off of someone that he actually taught but we didnt know that the first day, and we had to teach entirely in spanish and oh boy let me tell you it was HORRIBLE hahaha. We had everything written out but we jsut didnt know how to speak and oh golly. And he is just difficult, like he says yeah he likes the church but his spouse hates it and she might leave him and whatnot. And he also just doesnt really have faith. So yesterday, we went in with for our fifth lesson with him and we jsut didnt have a plan really we figured we would ask him questions and try to answer them and then just testify to him what we know is true.  So before we go in I just beg in our prayer to receive help, I said Heavenly Father we do not know what to say. Please let us be able to teach by the spirit and for David to feel the spirit as well. and the thing is we didnt even know what to say in spanish. So we go in there, just blind really and we start talking to him and its rough but then I just start telling him like, this gospel is true and through it, you and your family can be together forever. And just both me and hermana Knechtel are just bearing our testimonies, and the Spirit was so strong in there. When we got out we just felt so good and we just realized that that is why we are here, we just want to help people feel that in their lives and I just realized how impatient I am to actually get to Chile. I just want to meet the people there and hear about their lives and love them. 

      Also we sat next to some latinos on the third or second day here and we started talking to them and this one guy was from Peru so I tell him I have a friend there and we have a little conversation and then I just was so excited that I had actually talked that I turned to my companions and go YOU GUYS I TALKED and then all the peruvians freinds were laughing and making fun of him and all of mine were and now my companions call him my Peruvian and we have bets to see if he will write me because the room that they studied in were across the hall and they got all of our emails so I will keep you updated on that. 

       Oh my district is hilarious. But also super hardworking. And my spanish is... coming along haha. I can bear my testimony and my companion and I have the lessons down in really poor spanish but you know. Okay so I thought I was getting pretty alright and then we sat next to some latinos today at lunch and I DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING. but esta bien. If shelbi davidson is reading this I met a teacher here who went to your mission and I asked her about you and she said she know you and she was your training leader or something, her name is sister martinez soo I know that is a super unique name but she seemed to know you! Anyways, thank you to everyone who has written me, I hope your week is wonderful!! Love you!

Hermana Rand

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