Thursday, July 7, 2016


[I'm piecing this week's post together from a bunch of separate emails that Aleigha sent today, so I'll try not to mess things up too badly. Aleigha is still trying to get her time management down - they only have an hour on the computer on p-day - so we told her we'd do it this way for now. Oh, and I'm not editing for grammar, spelling, etc... You'll see that she's starting to lose most of her ability to write in English, which must mean she's turning into an awesome Spanish speaker :)  ~Dad]

Hola hola! 

First off, thank you guys SO much for the letters, I totally got them and it MADE my DAY! Although our district leader is supposed to pick up the letters each day with his companion and so his comp goes "did you pass out the mail? to the ONE PERSON WHO GOT IT" haha it was so funny he was so bitter. Also sounds like the fourth of july was super fun!! For me, the fourth of july was literally the BEST because in the cafeteria we walked in and they had decorated the tables for us with red and white and blue tablecloths and they made us BURGERS with BACON on them and little mini apple pies with ice cream on top and curly fries and oh boy it was literally the greatest thing. And then we all sang the national anthem and all the latinos put their hands on their hearts and just stood there while we were singing and it was really cute. 

ALSO! I forgot to tell you something funny that happened last week. So the first sunday we got here, we watch some kind of video every sunday night, and that time we were watching Meet the Mormons and the part came on with the elder who leaves and it showed his mom crying and holding his hand and him saying goodbye to everyone and the batch of missionaries that came in the same day as me was like a hundred right so we were wtaching this part and just the entire auditorium was like trying to hold in their EMOTIONS two of our elders were totally crying and just everyone was like trying to hold it back and then we all just started laughing and talking about it and going DANG IT IS TOO SOON and it was so funny just everyone was cracking up to stop crying. Also this sunday we watched the john tanner video, the atonement one, and the one about garments so the first person to connect those videos wins becuase we couldnt figure it out. 

So now the time is more like 1:2. So one day feels lilke two, not four. And you want to hear something crappy? As you learn spanish, your english totally degrades and you start sucking at english. but youre not getting that much better at spanish. SO YOU JUST SUCK AT SPEAKING ALL THE TIME. But ah well. Also my roommate got pooped on by a bird hahaha. And I have decided Walter Rane or Rone Im not sure if its an a or an o is my favorite gospel artist. Look him up. 

Also this week we got to do TRC which is where you teach volunteer members and investigators and stuff and Hermana Knechtel and I taught this one lady who was super cute and this little old man who was just the CUTEST like the grandpa I never had and he was just asking us so many questions and told us about his son on a mission and then afterwords he gave us CANDY and he was SO CUTE. It was seriously so fun. 

I was seriously so nervous to take this picture cuz I didnt know if they would want to do it but then I asked averyone and they were like LETS DO IT and then one of the elders asked if we could get it on his camera cuz it was his sisters birthday that week so we just took out the maile and then three other people sent it to someone whos birthday it was hahaha. BUt i was the original. tell maile that.

I love you so much family!! Just know that the MTC is wonderful and OH DAD I meant to tell you that the food is actually really good most of the time it just um took us um a while to ehhhh transition hahaha both my companion and I have been emm sick stomach wise during this past week but all is good now!! Haha but it is really good mmm they make good mexican food I wonder why haha. Also mom! Just to let you know I was actually getting kind of sick like my throat and stuff and then i started taking my vitamins and all is well now! haha so I do take them now because I would like to not die in mexico. also I forgot to tell you guys how my companion and i accidentally trespassed yesterday and this security guard wrote down our names hahahhaa. Anyways, I love you all so much! And I love being a missionary, I just cant WAIT to actually get to Chile and meet the people! 

Also I totally did find your notes!! Thank you so much parents! they made my day and I still like reading them. Anyways, good luck to maile with her teeth and whatnot! I love you so much!!

Okay I think I have to go but I love you all so so much! Be safe! hope you feel better maile! I love you!


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