Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hola parents!!

Hola hola hola!

So I am very sorry if this letter is kind of boring, this week has pretty much just been the same. Classes, devotionals, looking at the beautiful mountains, trying and failing to speak to the natives here, you know. Haha. But seriously everything is great! The temple last week was sooo much fun, it was seriously gigantic. Like really, there were escalators. In the temple. Because it was so gigantic. And also when we were all changed and everything, me and the half black girl who is one of my roommates, Ackerman, tried to get some of the headphones to translate everything and they asked us if we actually needed one. haha they were just giving them to all the white people and then we tried to get one and they're like, you need? Si si we very much need haha. Also it was so much fun being outside of the CCM and seeing the city again. It got me so excited to go to Chile. It was really sad because when we were on the bus, we drove by this woman who was on the phone and was crying and all I wanted to do was jump off the bus and give her a hug and tell her "I don't know whats wrong but we can help, we have a message for you, please just let us help" and now I seriously cant wait to go meet the Chilean people and I'm so excited to teach people and help people. 

You guys want to know one of the best discoveries yet? After the Joseph Smith translation there's this reference thing called the "Harmony of the Gospels" which I had no idea existed and neither has anyone I've showed it to but its just an outline of Christ's life and ministry with scripture references from Matthew mark luke and john and the Book of Mormon and it is so cool. Check it out. 

Okay, on a serious note. I have really bad feet tan lines. And its only been a month. And I'm inside most of the time. So. Its going to be bad when I come home after 18 months. 

Have I told you guys how much I love my district? We have so much fun. And we learn so much. And our teachers are amazing. And only four of us aren't going to Chile so the plane to Santiago is going to be just packed with missionaries. 

Oh also we get our itineraries next week. Someone told me that it'll probably be around 12 hours buuut idk? I might actually die. Also my companion and I are going to buy Book of Mormons before we go and try to give them to people in the airport. UUUUUGGGGGHHHH what else happened. Our lessons are going really well. Most of the time. And its really nice because we don't translate our lessons anymore, we just make an outline in english and say whatever we need to in spanish when we get there. Im sure it is probably the worst spanish our teachers have ever heard but whateeeevvvs. haha okay I am going to write some people back and then try to figure out how to send pictures again but I love you!!

Mexico City Temple

Aleigha, Hermana Holmes, Hermana Knechtel & Hermana Ackerman...

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