Friday, July 15, 2016


Hola hola hola familia!

So this week has umm been kind of the same hahaha. The conversion rate for time is down to 1:1.5 now so not too bad. This one Elder in my district said the quote "the days go by like weeks but the weeks go by like days" which feels pretty accurate hahaha. Also we get to go to the temple today!! Im so excited and I'll try to send pictures next week. I'm also just really excited to drive through Mexico.

So funny story, we were teaching our investigator who is actually our teacher and usually our lessons are really like serious and spiritual and he's kind of intimidating as an investigator but this time we were teaching outside for one and were sitting underneath this tree and theres SO many birds in it just like flapping around and making noise and shaking stuff from the tree onto us so Im like trying to read a scripture while all this stuff is raining down from the sky and we're all trying to focus and then this cricket starts chirping right next to him and he looks at it and then theres all these bugs everywhere and then my companion asks a question and he looks at me cuz I dont think it made sense and he tries to answer it and then there is like POOP raining from the sky from the birds and he just busts up laughing and I couldn't even hold it in anymore so I started laughing and my companion is still trying to bear her testimony and he starts laughing at me laughing more and it was just a disaster so I said " en el nombre de JesuCristo amen" and we just ended the lesson and then we were all just dying because it was so bad but it was so funny oh my heck. You don't have to put that on the blog thats just kind of for you guys. 

Also we tried to play soccer this week. And I totally faceplanted by tripping over the ball. And then I accidentally tripped my companion while I was on the ground so literally both of us had our faces in the grass hahhaaha soccer is definitely not something you can just pick back up haha it was so funny. What else happened this week.

So my companions are great. Momma, my actual companion is Teagan the girl from my ward at BYU. We get along so well and its so nice teaching with her. Although literally all my companions are soo bad at being on time and it drives me crazy. And they get fed up with me trying to make them on time. I'll be asking what time we have to be somewhere and they'll be like UGH HERMANA RAND its FINE. And its like, literally if there is one time to be on time to everything it is during your mission sooo por favor. But we all get along really well and theres no real problems which is nice. Mmm this sunday we watched the John Rowe Moyle video, one about sister missionaries, and one about the ministry of Christ but it was with a weird actor for Him so it was just creepy watching it. That was mean. BUT CHRIST DOES NOT LOOK CREEPY DO NOT CHOOSE SOMEONE CREEPY TO PLAY HIM. 

Our district gets chastised a lot for not using spanish as much as we should so now we try to speak spanish all the time. It is definitely not good spanish I can tell you that. I think it would be so cool to be an MTC teacher when I get back but I don't think that I am like, righteous enough for that haha. 

ALSO! I was talking to this guy from the Dominican Republic and he told me I wasn't american because of my color and I was like mmm pretty sure I am and it took him forever to understand the word hawaiian but then I told him my dad was blanco and he laughed. It was funny. Anyways. could you say thank you to everyone who is asking about me? Thats so nice of them. But yeah!! I love you all!! 

mmm I guess you could put that story in the blog but I don't think other people will think its that funny soo mm up to you hahah. Okay! I'll write you guys individually now!

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