Saturday, July 30, 2016

Last letter from the Mexico MTC!

Last letter in the MTC! I am so ready to get out of here. Like I have loved it, and Im not nearly ready spanish wise to go to another country but I AM SO READY. Haha. Anyways.

So there is this elder in my district who has been talking a while about christmas in july, like "get ready for christmas in july" and weve all been like what is that no why and then on the 25th we all walk into our classroom and he and his companion had drawn all over the whiteboard like "feliz navidad en julio!" and they had drawn a fireplace and a little tree and they hung socks off the board with our names on them and they had actually gotten us all like little candies and stuff and it was just the CUTEST thing and we got to keep our socks and literally it made my day it was just so cute and thoughtful. So. Happy late christmas in july. 

Also I dont know if I have told you this but the other hermanas in my district are the best. And this is a stupid story but honestly its just the same classes and stuff here every day so Im going to tell you about it. So every night, when we turn the lights off there is this one sister, holmes, who just TALKS and asks us all questions and whatnot and one night we start singing becuase why not and we do a four person round to the song "i love the mountains" and it was really funny becuase Ackerman couldnt sing while everyone else was doing a different part so she plugged her ears and sang and at one point the three of us stopped singing and just let her sing an entire verse alone and she was plugging her ears so its not like she could tell really what notes she was singing and it was just so bad we were dying. 

ALSO. I got my itinerary, we are leaving the MTC [on Tuesday, August 2nd] at 5:30 and our flight is at 11:30 or something, we have to be there 3 hours early for international flights, and its 8 hours long. So. Not 12 hours woohoo! 

Also we heard the BEST devotional this past tuesday, it was by Elder Netzahualc√≥yotl Salinas. Yeah. Have fun pronouncing that name. We had to ask some latino hermanas sitting behind us how to say it. 

Also my teacher, after I said the prayer yesterday, asked me if I had latinos in my family and when I said no, like just islander stuff mixed in with some white stuff he told me my accent was good. HA. So I may not understand what the heck people are saying when they talk to me and I may not know how to properly conjugate words but the stuff i can say sounds legit. So. Yeah. 

Also Caitlin gave me a plan of salvation shirt before I left and I totally used it in our lesson. Its just, it was in English so I had to tape a piece of paper over it and it looked really ghetto. But est√° bien! Haha so thats what the picture is of, it originally said "you are here". Anyways.

I love you all!!

Hermana Rand

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