Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Aleigha profiled in this week's Mission newsletter (fun read!)

This week, when we received the weekly Mission newsletter, I saw that Aleigha was profiled in it. Here's the write-up:

So not being a Spanish speaker, the first thing I did when I saw this was throw it into Google Translate. As you can see, Google does an AWESOME job translating from Spanish to English:

"Sister Rand, currently is 19 years old and comes from Tucson, Arizona , USA . It is the sixth sister of a family of seven children, food favorite is the Hawaiian food, and cookies. The film is most liked The Lord of the Rings. He says that before the mission his hobby preferred it was to leave married boars, but now enjoys much more preach the gospel. Rand sister had the opportunity to study for a year at BYU , Provo . He wants to finish its mission she can finish her studies , specializing in physical therapy , exercise science study . Share one of your favorite scriptures; D&C 68 :6, which says , 'Be of good cheer, and do not fear , for I the Lord am with you and I will defend ; and ye shall testify of me , even Jesus Christ , I am the Son of God living; I was, I am and I have come.'"

I won't lie, I was kind of concerned that her hobby was to 'leave married boars', so I dug into this a bit. I assumed she meant something along the lines of 'hunt javelina' and sure enough, the Spanish word for 'hunt' is 'cazar', but she wrote 'casar', which means 'marry' lol. Mystery solved.

She told us today that she didn't write this, she just told it to an elder over the phone, but whatever. :)

I've got to stop petting the dogs in the street. Some of them are not friendly.

Hi parents!!!

First off, Im very sorry that I don't have pictures to send this week, this pday we did deep cleaning of our apartments, sort of like cleaning checks in college so thats all we did this morning. But hey our Haitians came to church again this week! Did I tell you about the Haitians? They speak french and english (a little bit of english) and they're super cool. Also we did pendones again yesterday as a district this time which was hilarious because there was about 10 or 12 missionaries walking around the street talking to people and standing in front of the poster and if people wanted to get to where they were going they had to go through a tunnel of mormons asking them how they are and telling them to have a good day and theres some people who are just so crotchety hahahahaha. I asked this one lady if she liked Jesus and she shook her finger at me and kept walking and then we said buenas tardes to this one guy and he is like "buenas tardes but ONLY buenas tardes, no more. I hope you have a good day, but thats it. Buenas tardes." And we were all dying it was so funny.

Also, parents, I had a cool experience a few days ago. I was reading in my patriarchal blessing and there is a paragraph that talks about service and how my life is a life of service and I had never really thought MISSION when I read that paragraph mostly because there is a paragraph that talks specifically about my mission but there was a sentence at the end of this paragraph that said, "you will be able to help others increase their testimonies and to increase their willingness to live the gospel plan" which was super cool because we do have investigators but a lot of what we do is strengthen the ward and teach less actives which is really hard because most people go inactive for some reason or another and its just hard to get them to be reactivated and have that desire to start living the gospel in their lives again but this was really comforting to read in my blessing because there I have a specific promise from God that I will know how to help them and I will be able to have success in that way. So I was just able to take a lot of comfort from that. But yeah.

Here's some fun stuff about Chile and the culture here. They like to shake their fingers. A lot. Especially to missionaries knocking on their door. Like that one Parks and Rec episode where they make a float of Leslie Knope and they make it move and wag its finger. Like that! Haha and other churches say "si señor" during their prayers when they agree with something that is said so we have converts who will be like "si señor, si señor" during prayers and when you are trying to learn spanish and focus on what to pray for it kind of throws you off when a little old lady comes in wth "SI Señor" haha. Also, they expect you to eat everything on the plate, like if the plate is clean after you are done eating they are happy, if you leave a little bit on your plate to show that you are done because thats how you were raised then they get reeeeaaal upset. Definitley did not know that the first couple of times I ate at a members house. Also they do kisses on the cheeks as greetings, and its real awkward for missionaries when someone of the opposite gender goes in for a kiss on the cheek and its like "woah bud just the hand sorry". And its really awkward when an elder is saying bye to a french speaking haitian and she goes in for a kiss and he tries to say that he cant cuz he's a missionary and she doesn't speak spanish and he doesn't speak english so she just kisses him anyways hahahahaha.

Okay. Thats about it. I love you!!

Hermana Rand

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

All the pigeons here are so stinking fat... Like, how do they fly?

Hello family!!

Okkkayyyyy so what happened this week. Oh I don't know if I told you guys this - actually I do know I didn't tell you guys this (actually maybe I did) - but there are so many Haitians here and we started teaching three of them this week. But the thing about Haitians is THEY DON'T SPEAK SPANISH. They speak french. And creole. And occasionally very poor English. So from the ones we're teaching one speaks english sort of and oh boy was our lesson rough. We were talking to him and he was translating for us and the girls and he didn't understand everything and we didn't know how to respond to some of his questions and hahahaha it was terrible. But also super cool. But also he somehow learned a very bad word in english and I don't think he really knows what it means soooo that was awkward. Hahaha so when I come back knowing how to speak spanish, very poor french, and some Chilean sign language that is why. Well, the chilean sign language is for this deaf guy and his hearing family that we are teaching.

Also! We had divisions this week so I got to go with Hermana Lider to La Bandera, which is another area and there was this crotchety old lady that we taught who asked me my age which for some reason is the hardest question for me to understand because i can never remember the word edad (age) and I asked her what one time and she turns to my comp and goes "Boy she doesn't understand much does she? You know this is the problem with the Mormon church, they've got so many gringos here in Chile" and i was sitting there like, well I definitely understood that soo haha. Ugh. Old people.

Anyway, as far as the language goes there's times that I totally get everything in a conversation and there's time where I get absolutely nothing. But its fine. I've kind of gotten used to only knowing half of what is going on lol. Anyways, I hope everyone is amazing!! Mom, I sent you guys a letter today so you can keep an eye out for it and test how long it takes to get there. Anyways, I love you all!!

Hermana Rand

Her district. They just gone done playing soccer. She says she doesn't embarrass herself anymore :)
It really is winter there, but the other two sisters didn't play soccer. :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

If the zombie apocalypse ever comes, Chile is set

Because there are bars over everything and spikes on the tops of peoples fences...

But hello parents!!

Boy I miss you guys. But está bien.

OKAY cool experience, a few days ago we were doing pendones, which is where you stand in front of a poster and you talk to people on the street and we were standing there and no one really wanted to stop this morning, usually we can kind of walk with people and they'll end up talking to us for a bit but this morning, no. So I remembered a devotional from the MTC and it was about how sometimes your prayers have to be really specific so I thought "please let someone who is interested and will talk to us come by in 5 minutes" and 4 minutes and 40 seconds later I was PUMPED I was like someone's coming, yes! And 20 seconds later we started talking to this woman who was like, 'oh yeah this is super cool my family this and blah blah' and she was super interested in what we were saying but turns out she lived far away so she wouldn't give us her address cuz she couldn't see the point and that is why you make your prayers specific and ask for someone who will actually be an investigator, not just interested, haha. But it was cool.

Also I got to see Hermana Knechtel!! They had a meeting for all the new peeps and I got to see her and talk to her and it was great, I love her so much. She told me she doesn't know whats happening most of the time and that people think she's Argentinean cuz apparently theres tall blond people there.

Also, we taught a lesson with a woman who REALLY LOVES the bible and we would share scriptures with her from the book of mormon and she was like AMEN like yes I love the scriptures you are sharing but then we were like can we give you a book of mormon and she was like "oh no i don't need your book because i have my bible" and legit the whole time all i could think of was the scripture that says like "thou fool that shall say "a bible a bible we have got a bible and we need no more bible". I was like you have so much faith already why would you not want something else that testifies of Christ and works with the bible?? But yeah.

ALSO, I learned that I am not an idiot. We had lunch with this member couple and I could understand most of the conversation or at least figure out what was going on and i was feeling good but turns out they're Ecuadorians. So I can understand Peruvians, Mexicans, and Ecuadorians ,just not Chilenos.

Also I forgot to tell you some neato stuff about my mission. It's super tiny one, of the smallest in South America and theres only 21 sister missionaries in it. Also its kind of common for missionaries to stay in one area for a long time -like a LONG TIME. There are multiple people who've stayed in an area for almost a year, like my trainer, this is still her first ward and she's been here for almost 7-8 months. So thats fun. Anyways, I love you!

Hermana Rand

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Everyone and their mother asks me if I'm Latino

Hello familia! And the other people who will inevitably read this.

How is the US? How are the Olympics? Is Pokemon Go still a thing? We were waiting to meet up with a member to go teach a lesson and he walks up and goes "I just caught a Pokemon!" haha.

 Well. THIS WEEK. Has been quite the week. There are times when I can definitely follow a conversation and I can usually figure out what someone is asking after they repeat it 2-3 times. But everyone is really patient. There's one family that we had family home evening with cuz we brought a less active girl, and they are super supportive of the missionaries and I talk to the dad all the time because he is super patient and it was nice because family home evening felt like they were my actual family. It was super fun.

Also, dad, yes I did have to bear my testimony this week. You know how during my farewell talk, my voice was all kinds of shaky? Yeah. Well. My voice was all kinds of shaky. Not really at the beginning but as I went on it was all blajgkjflga and I was like okay en el nombre de JesuCristo Amen. Haha and afterwards this one lady is all talking to me like "you need to THINK in Spanish talk ALL IN SPANISH and its the GRAMMAR that you need to work on" and I was like thanks hun but I think I'm going to focus on understanding people first but yeah you're just a peach. Haha 

But everyone in the ward is really nice. And everyone tells me I have a really good latino accent (I don't know which accent like to speak like a Mexican? Thats probs what it is) like I don't speak like a gringa other than the grammar so at least I've got that going for me.

Also we met the COOLEST guy this week. On Sunday we go looking for this one reference that was sent to us from other missionaries and when we knock on the door this guy answers and says he's not there and we were kind of standing out there awkwardly and his cousin makes him let us in and we started talking and teaching and he was just SO RECEPTIVE he would ask questions that actually pertained to the lesson like one was "why did Christ actually come to the Earth?" and I was able to share a scripture about the Atonement and at the end he said the prayer for us and he was super interested in the Book of Mormon and it was just SO COOL and it made me realize that teaching can be SO FUN. Uhh his name was Freddy and he's from Columbia. But yeah he was awesome. Also we met this old couple when we were contacting (tracting essentially) and we were outside talking to the guy and we go can we leave you with a prayer? And he goes oh yeah and lets us into his house and their granddaughter was SO CUTE she had such curly brown hair and it reminded me of Gemma and now I miss Gemma but she was so cute.

Also today we went with four elders to this giant Mary statue and there's like a castle there too and it was really fun cuz we took a tram thing up the mountain and yeah it was cool.

Also, the food is actually really good here. We don't get dinner because lunch is like their dinner so its a bit bigger but the members make SUCH good food. That picture was from a restaurant that a member owns and holy mother it was good. So I am really really grateful that I got sent here and not the Phillipines LOLS.

Anyways, I hope this email is sufficient, I can't really remember what all happened this week because the time conversion is similar to when I first entered the MTC so I'm pretty sure I've been here for a month or so but y'know. Anyways. I love you all!! 

Hermana Rand


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A couple more pix from the MTC

Aleigha's P-day is Wednesday now...

Hola from Chile!

So. I don't even know what to talk about. So right before we left the MTC, our elders gave each of the sisters blessings, which was really nice of them. And then we all left and now I'm in Chile. The flight was fine. I literally can't understand anything that anyone is saying. Ever. Apparently I can speak fine, and everyone says I have like a perfect latino accent but I don't know what anyone is saying ever. Soo Im pretty sure I would rather have a stupid gringa accent and be able to understand everything than have a bomb accent and look like an idiot whenever someone asks me a question. But anyways. Yesterday we had orientation and stuff and they had all the new missionaries get up and bear their testimonies. Good thing I at least know how to do that right? And then I got my companion, Hermana Despain, and said goodbye to Hermana Knechtel and then we taught 3 lessons, where I had no idea what was going on, and we tracted at the end of the night before we met with the ward mission leader. It was funny because one guy opens the door, we tell him we're missionaries and give him a picture with our number on it, which he takes, and then he closes the door. Then he opens it back up and gives the picture back to us and closes it again. Haha "ooh this picture has Jesus on it I cant have it" or "ooh I might accidentally call the missionaries if I have their number in my house take it back". Also you don't knock on doors here, you go up to the house and say"allo" and someone will come see who it is. Also they say ciao as their goodbye. Also our bags have to be clear that we carry around every day so that people don't rob us. But yeah. Anyways. Its good here. Love you.

Hermana Rand

[From Aleigha's mission newsletter, the new missionaries...]

Monday, August 1, 2016

Last Day in Mexico!

We thought Aleigha left for Chile tomorrow, so we were a little surprised to get a picture via text then a phone call from her at the airport this morning! Anyway, she's at the airport and will be leaving for Chile shortly. It was great to hear from her and listen to her bear her testimony in Spanish! She is so excited to get to Chile and meet the people there.