Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Aleigha's P-day is Wednesday now...

Hola from Chile!

So. I don't even know what to talk about. So right before we left the MTC, our elders gave each of the sisters blessings, which was really nice of them. And then we all left and now I'm in Chile. The flight was fine. I literally can't understand anything that anyone is saying. Ever. Apparently I can speak fine, and everyone says I have like a perfect latino accent but I don't know what anyone is saying ever. Soo Im pretty sure I would rather have a stupid gringa accent and be able to understand everything than have a bomb accent and look like an idiot whenever someone asks me a question. But anyways. Yesterday we had orientation and stuff and they had all the new missionaries get up and bear their testimonies. Good thing I at least know how to do that right? And then I got my companion, Hermana Despain, and said goodbye to Hermana Knechtel and then we taught 3 lessons, where I had no idea what was going on, and we tracted at the end of the night before we met with the ward mission leader. It was funny because one guy opens the door, we tell him we're missionaries and give him a picture with our number on it, which he takes, and then he closes the door. Then he opens it back up and gives the picture back to us and closes it again. Haha "ooh this picture has Jesus on it I cant have it" or "ooh I might accidentally call the missionaries if I have their number in my house take it back". Also you don't knock on doors here, you go up to the house and say"allo" and someone will come see who it is. Also they say ciao as their goodbye. Also our bags have to be clear that we carry around every day so that people don't rob us. But yeah. Anyways. Its good here. Love you.

Hermana Rand

[From Aleigha's mission newsletter, the new missionaries...]

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