Wednesday, August 24, 2016

All the pigeons here are so stinking fat... Like, how do they fly?

Hello family!!

Okkkayyyyy so what happened this week. Oh I don't know if I told you guys this - actually I do know I didn't tell you guys this (actually maybe I did) - but there are so many Haitians here and we started teaching three of them this week. But the thing about Haitians is THEY DON'T SPEAK SPANISH. They speak french. And creole. And occasionally very poor English. So from the ones we're teaching one speaks english sort of and oh boy was our lesson rough. We were talking to him and he was translating for us and the girls and he didn't understand everything and we didn't know how to respond to some of his questions and hahahaha it was terrible. But also super cool. But also he somehow learned a very bad word in english and I don't think he really knows what it means soooo that was awkward. Hahaha so when I come back knowing how to speak spanish, very poor french, and some Chilean sign language that is why. Well, the chilean sign language is for this deaf guy and his hearing family that we are teaching.

Also! We had divisions this week so I got to go with Hermana Lider to La Bandera, which is another area and there was this crotchety old lady that we taught who asked me my age which for some reason is the hardest question for me to understand because i can never remember the word edad (age) and I asked her what one time and she turns to my comp and goes "Boy she doesn't understand much does she? You know this is the problem with the Mormon church, they've got so many gringos here in Chile" and i was sitting there like, well I definitely understood that soo haha. Ugh. Old people.

Anyway, as far as the language goes there's times that I totally get everything in a conversation and there's time where I get absolutely nothing. But its fine. I've kind of gotten used to only knowing half of what is going on lol. Anyways, I hope everyone is amazing!! Mom, I sent you guys a letter today so you can keep an eye out for it and test how long it takes to get there. Anyways, I love you all!!

Hermana Rand

Her district. They just gone done playing soccer. She says she doesn't embarrass herself anymore :)
It really is winter there, but the other two sisters didn't play soccer. :)

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