Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Everyone and their mother asks me if I'm Latino

Hello familia! And the other people who will inevitably read this.

How is the US? How are the Olympics? Is Pokemon Go still a thing? We were waiting to meet up with a member to go teach a lesson and he walks up and goes "I just caught a Pokemon!" haha.

 Well. THIS WEEK. Has been quite the week. There are times when I can definitely follow a conversation and I can usually figure out what someone is asking after they repeat it 2-3 times. But everyone is really patient. There's one family that we had family home evening with cuz we brought a less active girl, and they are super supportive of the missionaries and I talk to the dad all the time because he is super patient and it was nice because family home evening felt like they were my actual family. It was super fun.

Also, dad, yes I did have to bear my testimony this week. You know how during my farewell talk, my voice was all kinds of shaky? Yeah. Well. My voice was all kinds of shaky. Not really at the beginning but as I went on it was all blajgkjflga and I was like okay en el nombre de JesuCristo Amen. Haha and afterwards this one lady is all talking to me like "you need to THINK in Spanish talk ALL IN SPANISH and its the GRAMMAR that you need to work on" and I was like thanks hun but I think I'm going to focus on understanding people first but yeah you're just a peach. Haha 

But everyone in the ward is really nice. And everyone tells me I have a really good latino accent (I don't know which accent like to speak like a Mexican? Thats probs what it is) like I don't speak like a gringa other than the grammar so at least I've got that going for me.

Also we met the COOLEST guy this week. On Sunday we go looking for this one reference that was sent to us from other missionaries and when we knock on the door this guy answers and says he's not there and we were kind of standing out there awkwardly and his cousin makes him let us in and we started talking and teaching and he was just SO RECEPTIVE he would ask questions that actually pertained to the lesson like one was "why did Christ actually come to the Earth?" and I was able to share a scripture about the Atonement and at the end he said the prayer for us and he was super interested in the Book of Mormon and it was just SO COOL and it made me realize that teaching can be SO FUN. Uhh his name was Freddy and he's from Columbia. But yeah he was awesome. Also we met this old couple when we were contacting (tracting essentially) and we were outside talking to the guy and we go can we leave you with a prayer? And he goes oh yeah and lets us into his house and their granddaughter was SO CUTE she had such curly brown hair and it reminded me of Gemma and now I miss Gemma but she was so cute.

Also today we went with four elders to this giant Mary statue and there's like a castle there too and it was really fun cuz we took a tram thing up the mountain and yeah it was cool.

Also, the food is actually really good here. We don't get dinner because lunch is like their dinner so its a bit bigger but the members make SUCH good food. That picture was from a restaurant that a member owns and holy mother it was good. So I am really really grateful that I got sent here and not the Phillipines LOLS.

Anyways, I hope this email is sufficient, I can't really remember what all happened this week because the time conversion is similar to when I first entered the MTC so I'm pretty sure I've been here for a month or so but y'know. Anyways. I love you all!! 

Hermana Rand


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