Wednesday, August 17, 2016

If the zombie apocalypse ever comes, Chile is set

Because there are bars over everything and spikes on the tops of peoples fences...

But hello parents!!

Boy I miss you guys. But está bien.

OKAY cool experience, a few days ago we were doing pendones, which is where you stand in front of a poster and you talk to people on the street and we were standing there and no one really wanted to stop this morning, usually we can kind of walk with people and they'll end up talking to us for a bit but this morning, no. So I remembered a devotional from the MTC and it was about how sometimes your prayers have to be really specific so I thought "please let someone who is interested and will talk to us come by in 5 minutes" and 4 minutes and 40 seconds later I was PUMPED I was like someone's coming, yes! And 20 seconds later we started talking to this woman who was like, 'oh yeah this is super cool my family this and blah blah' and she was super interested in what we were saying but turns out she lived far away so she wouldn't give us her address cuz she couldn't see the point and that is why you make your prayers specific and ask for someone who will actually be an investigator, not just interested, haha. But it was cool.

Also I got to see Hermana Knechtel!! They had a meeting for all the new peeps and I got to see her and talk to her and it was great, I love her so much. She told me she doesn't know whats happening most of the time and that people think she's Argentinean cuz apparently theres tall blond people there.

Also, we taught a lesson with a woman who REALLY LOVES the bible and we would share scriptures with her from the book of mormon and she was like AMEN like yes I love the scriptures you are sharing but then we were like can we give you a book of mormon and she was like "oh no i don't need your book because i have my bible" and legit the whole time all i could think of was the scripture that says like "thou fool that shall say "a bible a bible we have got a bible and we need no more bible". I was like you have so much faith already why would you not want something else that testifies of Christ and works with the bible?? But yeah.

ALSO, I learned that I am not an idiot. We had lunch with this member couple and I could understand most of the conversation or at least figure out what was going on and i was feeling good but turns out they're Ecuadorians. So I can understand Peruvians, Mexicans, and Ecuadorians ,just not Chilenos.

Also I forgot to tell you some neato stuff about my mission. It's super tiny one, of the smallest in South America and theres only 21 sister missionaries in it. Also its kind of common for missionaries to stay in one area for a long time -like a LONG TIME. There are multiple people who've stayed in an area for almost a year, like my trainer, this is still her first ward and she's been here for almost 7-8 months. So thats fun. Anyways, I love you!

Hermana Rand

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