Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I've got to stop petting the dogs in the street. Some of them are not friendly.

Hi parents!!!

First off, Im very sorry that I don't have pictures to send this week, this pday we did deep cleaning of our apartments, sort of like cleaning checks in college so thats all we did this morning. But hey our Haitians came to church again this week! Did I tell you about the Haitians? They speak french and english (a little bit of english) and they're super cool. Also we did pendones again yesterday as a district this time which was hilarious because there was about 10 or 12 missionaries walking around the street talking to people and standing in front of the poster and if people wanted to get to where they were going they had to go through a tunnel of mormons asking them how they are and telling them to have a good day and theres some people who are just so crotchety hahahahaha. I asked this one lady if she liked Jesus and she shook her finger at me and kept walking and then we said buenas tardes to this one guy and he is like "buenas tardes but ONLY buenas tardes, no more. I hope you have a good day, but thats it. Buenas tardes." And we were all dying it was so funny.

Also, parents, I had a cool experience a few days ago. I was reading in my patriarchal blessing and there is a paragraph that talks about service and how my life is a life of service and I had never really thought MISSION when I read that paragraph mostly because there is a paragraph that talks specifically about my mission but there was a sentence at the end of this paragraph that said, "you will be able to help others increase their testimonies and to increase their willingness to live the gospel plan" which was super cool because we do have investigators but a lot of what we do is strengthen the ward and teach less actives which is really hard because most people go inactive for some reason or another and its just hard to get them to be reactivated and have that desire to start living the gospel in their lives again but this was really comforting to read in my blessing because there I have a specific promise from God that I will know how to help them and I will be able to have success in that way. So I was just able to take a lot of comfort from that. But yeah.

Here's some fun stuff about Chile and the culture here. They like to shake their fingers. A lot. Especially to missionaries knocking on their door. Like that one Parks and Rec episode where they make a float of Leslie Knope and they make it move and wag its finger. Like that! Haha and other churches say "si señor" during their prayers when they agree with something that is said so we have converts who will be like "si señor, si señor" during prayers and when you are trying to learn spanish and focus on what to pray for it kind of throws you off when a little old lady comes in wth "SI Señor" haha. Also, they expect you to eat everything on the plate, like if the plate is clean after you are done eating they are happy, if you leave a little bit on your plate to show that you are done because thats how you were raised then they get reeeeaaal upset. Definitley did not know that the first couple of times I ate at a members house. Also they do kisses on the cheeks as greetings, and its real awkward for missionaries when someone of the opposite gender goes in for a kiss on the cheek and its like "woah bud just the hand sorry". And its really awkward when an elder is saying bye to a french speaking haitian and she goes in for a kiss and he tries to say that he cant cuz he's a missionary and she doesn't speak spanish and he doesn't speak english so she just kisses him anyways hahahahaha.

Okay. Thats about it. I love you!!

Hermana Rand

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