Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hola hola hola!!

Hola familia!! 

How the heck are you all?? Well first of all, let me apologize because I don't have any pictures this week... but its not my fault! Haha {She later forwarded a few pix from her comp, one of which I included below.}

Um we went to a park this p-day and we tried to fly kites but literally none of us know how to fly them and there wasn't very much wind so the closest we got to actually flying them was when one elder started running around with it and it got kind of high in the sky. But then it got stuck in a tree. Hahahaha. But ummmm yeah so that is why there are no pictures this week... 

But anyways! First week leading the sector was good, turns out I have enough Spanish to function! Wooohoo! And my comp is super cute, she's from Argentina and she's had all gringo comps before so she is good at speaking really clearly and is patient when I don't understand her.

Oh also we had the weirdest lesson I have had since Ive been here! It was with this guy who we met when we were knocking on doors and when we got to his house he asked us what we wanted to talk about and Hermana said stuff like, oh what we believe in, you know, why we're mormons and stuff. And he starts talking about how we're mormons because the angel Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith and Joseph Smith was translating the Book of Mormon with his wife and there were these two pueblos the Lamanites and Nephites and they had a bunch of wars and one of them won but he doesn't remember which. Stuff like that and it was THE WEIRDEST THING I swear, we were like ummmm yeah how do you know all of this are you a member pretending to be an investigator? At one point his brother came home and was like ¨who are they¨ and he goes ¨messengers sent from Moroni¨ and we were like eheh um yeah okay. But really it was super weird.

Also, this Sunday was Chilean independence day so nobody was in their house and we went around to literally every house I could think of but the only people who received us was this cute little old couple who are recent converts to the church and the family Guzman who always help the missionaries. But it was cool because both of the families gave us empanadas and other food.

Anyways, that is about it for this week, I hope everyone is doing well! I love you!

Hermana Rand

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

This week...

Okay so guess what? This week we had changes! Like transfers. So my trainer got  transferred halfway through my training, which apparently never happens. So i had to say goodbye to Hermana Despain which was super sad because i love her and she has had all of her mission in departamental {Aleigha's current area}, nine months, so it was super hard for her to go. 

So now i am with Hermana Yufra who is from Argentina and has a little over a year in the mission and speaks no English. But all of her previous comps have been gringas so she is good at speaking really slow and clear. 

But anyways, what this means now is that I'm leading my sector. meaning i am the one who knows all the people and all the streets or at least i need to because for the next couple weeks Hermana Yufra will be learning who the people are and everything. Which is good for me because it means i have to, you know, step up my game. And remember everything I've learned from my first 6 weeks here. But also, I didn't understand anything for the first three weeks and now i only understand like half of it so hahahaha its gonna be fun.

But this p-day we went to the temple! It was super small but fun. We had to get up an hour earlier and ride in the metro and in the mornnig it is literally so full, like we had to push our way on and when we got on it was like we were being squished by people on every side hahaha it was great. If there is going to be a time that i would sleep standing up it would be on the metro because theres so many people squishing you you don't need to support yourself cuz everyone else will. 

But yeah, cambios and the temple were the big things that happened this week. I love you!!

Hermana Rand

More pictures...

This is Elder Bushman, who I believe was Aleigha's Zone Leader.
He just left for home - which is also in Tucson - so Maile and I are going to his homecoming this Sunday.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Prayer

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Esta cayendo los patos asados

Supposedly that means that it is falling the barbecued ducks. Kind of like it is raining cats and dogs. But this means it is really hot. One Elder told me that they say that here but I have yet to believe it. Okay! What even happened this week. Oh!! So there is this family here, their name is the Guzmans and they are SO NICE they are just the best and they honestly help the missionaries so so much. They are converts of 6 years and they are one of the main reasons that the ward even functions. But they have a son of 14 years who has Downs syndrome and he was never baptized, I don't know if they just didn't ask if he could be baptized cuz they didn't know or what but for some reason he just was never baptized. But we found out this week that he totally can be and their family is SOOO excited it is so cute, the dad is going to baptize him on the 17 of septiembre is what were planning on and he's never baptized anyone before so its going to be awesome but it was just the cutest thing when we told them that he is able to be baptized. What our mission president said is that Denilo, the sons name, is perfect and he is going to go to the celestial kingdom anyways no doubt about that so baptism is more for the family and so he can get the priesthood and pass the sacrament and eventually go through the temple with his family. So that is exciting. 

Im super glad you guys got my letters! Although I literally cant remember what I said hahaha. Awkward. I sent some postcards to Cait and J so hopefully they got those too.

So I suppose I haven't really talked much about the work beyond the fact that theres Haitians and we teach about as many menos activos as we do investigators. The thing with menos activos is they are just. Difficult. In the scriptures, when Alma is going to teach the Zoramites with his brethren, the only people they were able to teach were those who had been compelled to be humble by being thrown out. And here, there is not a lot of people who have been compelled to be humble. More often than not, people stop going to church because they were offended, or they prioritize other things over asistencia, or they think they know everything and they don't think they need to go. Whatever reason it is, everyone has one or two or lots of reasons why they don't go and while they may be willing to let us into the house (when we find them and they actually open the door), they really aren't willing to change. And it is hard to preach to them and read the scriptures with them because they KNOW the things we are saying they just aren't willing to APPLY them and it is through application that testimony is received. With investigators, they are learning these things for the first time so if we can make them understand the importance of this doctrine and help them keep their commitments, then they will be able to receive a testimony of our words. Menos activos knew these things once but have since fallen away and is really hard to know how to help someone when they dont' want to be helped or they think they don't need our help, that they are above it.

ANYWAYS. Sorry for that rant. We are having progress, it is just very slow and sometimes it is hard to feel successful as a missionary when someone is progressing progressing progressing and then boom I want nothing to do with you guys. But anyways. This p-day we went to a park with our district and played captura la bandera, or capture the flag, and flag football and then ate food afterward. It was super fun.

Oh I had two more people this week tell me I don't look like Im american. Do people not know that there are brown people in America?

Okay, I love you!! Until next week!

Hermana Rand