Wednesday, September 14, 2016

This week...

Okay so guess what? This week we had changes! Like transfers. So my trainer got  transferred halfway through my training, which apparently never happens. So i had to say goodbye to Hermana Despain which was super sad because i love her and she has had all of her mission in departamental {Aleigha's current area}, nine months, so it was super hard for her to go. 

So now i am with Hermana Yufra who is from Argentina and has a little over a year in the mission and speaks no English. But all of her previous comps have been gringas so she is good at speaking really slow and clear. 

But anyways, what this means now is that I'm leading my sector. meaning i am the one who knows all the people and all the streets or at least i need to because for the next couple weeks Hermana Yufra will be learning who the people are and everything. Which is good for me because it means i have to, you know, step up my game. And remember everything I've learned from my first 6 weeks here. But also, I didn't understand anything for the first three weeks and now i only understand like half of it so hahahaha its gonna be fun.

But this p-day we went to the temple! It was super small but fun. We had to get up an hour earlier and ride in the metro and in the mornnig it is literally so full, like we had to push our way on and when we got on it was like we were being squished by people on every side hahaha it was great. If there is going to be a time that i would sleep standing up it would be on the metro because theres so many people squishing you you don't need to support yourself cuz everyone else will. 

But yeah, cambios and the temple were the big things that happened this week. I love you!!

Hermana Rand

More pictures...

This is Elder Bushman, who I believe was Aleigha's Zone Leader.
He just left for home - which is also in Tucson - so Maile and I are going to his homecoming this Sunday.

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