Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Another baptism!

Hi family!! 

Wow what even happened this week, I don't know. We had the baptism of Danilo! He's the son of a family here and he has down syndrome and until this past month the family didn't think that he could get baptized or something but yeah that happened!

AND I GOT MY PACKAGEEEEE YAYYYUHHHH. Best day of my life I swear, BUTTERFINGERS are so good, oh my heck. 

Also this week we found a Haitiano walking in the street and so we went and talked to him and he's only been in Chile for a month so he doesn't speak too much Spanish so i taught him in English and BOY WAS THAT A STRUGGLE. Man, it is super hard to teach in English. He asked us all these perfect questions like yeah why is the Mormon church different from the Catholic and others and whatnot and it was like well i know why in Spanish but i don't know what to tell you in English hahahaha. But he was super cool and we're going to go back and teach him this Sunday and give him a Book of Mormon in Creole. He was super excited to find out we have Book of Mormons and pamphlets in all kinds of languages.

Ummmmm what else happened this week, let's see. Oh apparently in Argentina mothers day is in October, not sure what day, but happy mothers day, Mom! Hmmmm what else? Hermana Yufra and i didnt have changes this time so we'll be together again for this change which is cool cuz we are working with a family who has two daughters who are going to get baptized in December.

But anyways, i hope everyone is doing super well, I love you!!

Hermana Rand

... for pday today we went to the stake center as a zone and wore pajamas and watched kung fu panda hahaha i forgot how funny that movie is. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Baptism this week!

Hola family!!  

WOW what happened this week? So so MUCH is what happened! The highlight was that we had the baptism of Jorge!! It was so awesome, that was definitely the happiest I have been since I have been here. Also!! We might get to go to the temple with him!! Either this week or next but Im super excited for that too. 

Also, we had a noche de hogar with a member family and the dad made us hamburgers and they were sooooo good.

Also this week we had service for a lady in our ward and it was super fun! HA chiste [translation: j/k], what we did was cleaning wool. She had a bunch of sheep wool in a box and it was all nasty and poopy, like it had poop and stuff stuck in it. I mean dirt and stuff too but mainly poop from where the sheep laid on the ground and whatnot and we had to pull apart the wool and separate it to make the poop fall out. But if it didn't fall out we had to pull it out. Hahahaha yeeaah service! 

Also we helped a family move and guess what I learned? I learned that when people move here, they just throw everything into big black garbage bags and throw those bags into a giant truck. But its usually a good idea to make sure that your big ole moving truck has a functioning battery because if it doesn't than you have to have 6 people push that truck full of all kinds of fun things to your new house. Yeah we pushed a giant truck with a mountain of stuff in the back from one house to another. It was so funny, and then when we unloaded it we had to push it back to the house around the block. Hahaha that was fun.

Also we had a super good district meeting this week about the attributes of Christ and we each shared experiences about times when we really knew that God was real and that he cared about us.

But anyways, that was what happened this week, it was super great, I love you!! 

Hermana Rand

after the baptism, dead tired :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

hola hola hola

So this week was super fun, and also super stressful but stil it was great! We got to go the to temple with Maria Jose, she is a young woman who has been less active for a while but we've been working towards her reactivation. Going to the temple was super awesome, we got to see her do baptisms. 

And also, hmm, lets see, what else did we do? We did pendones in the ferria, that's like a big old farmers market, but not really a farmers market, they sell everything you could every imagine and it is the length of like an entire street through the city. Not like through the city but through part of the city, but still its pretty big. And so yeah we did pendones there and man, did everyone hate us. Hahah no one wanted to talk. We got people who asked oh, you're Mornons? Yeah, okay, ciao, i don't like the Mormon church and it was like haha okay have a lovely day I'll see you in the next life and teach you the gospel there.

But ummm yeah today we had to clean our apartment so that was what we did for the first like three hours and then we went to the chapel and made melinesa which is like an argentinian sandwich thing which was good. 

Annnnd... what else the heck happened this week? We had to leave one of our less actives because she just wasn't progressing at all which was super sad. Butttt um yeah i think those were the highlights! I love you!!

Hermana Rand

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hola hola hola familia

SOoooooooo what happened this week?

Well conference was super fun. Actually it was super cool because we got there and we were listening to it in Spanish and i could really only understand like half of Elder Uchtdorf's talk and i was super frustrated cuz all week we had been pumping people up and inviting everyone to conference and then we got there and i couldn't understand very much of it and i was just like "I JUST WANT TO LISTEN TO THE WORDS OF THE PROPHETS BUT I CANT". I was super like - ugh - but then an elder came up to me and told me that they were going to broadcast it in English because they had a room set up for the conference to be broadcast in French but no Haitians showed up. So me and two super new missionaries and another companionship of Americans got to listen to the Saturday sessions in English and it was so awesome. It actually felt like a miracle because i was praying so hard to be able to understand the talks and BAM here's some English for you.

My favorite I think was by that one guy in the Seventy who talked about Joseph Smith "because Joseph was a prophet". Yeah, that was super awesome. Also Mitsubishi Yamasushi [really close, Aleigha, his name was Kazuhiko Yamashita, lol] who talked about the missionary in Japan and asked "why am I here" and he was like "you're here for my benefit". Yeah, that one was emotional for all the missionaries in the room - like, wow.

But ummmm yeah what else happened this week. Um, we had divisions so my sister trainer came to spend the day with me for a day and my comp went with her comp for the day and it was hilarious because we were contacting or i mean knocking on doors oh yeah tracting is the word in English and we knocked on one and this old guy walks out and i say "hola hola como esta" and he looks at us and walks back into his house and shuts the door hahahaha. So that was super awesome.

And for p-day today we went to our stake center with our zone and we watched the Singles Ward 2 and got pizza and played futbol so that was fun. I don't have too many fotos of today - sorryyyy. 

But um yea,h what else happened? Oh yeah we bought completos as you can see. 

This big ol hot dog is called a completo and thats why everyone says the hot dogs in chile are super good. cuz they're COMPLETOS MMMM

But anyways, i think that was about it so ummm yeah i hope you al have a fantastic week! I love you!

Hermana Rand

Sunday, October 2, 2016


Hola family!!

Well, parents. 

Wow this week was super awesome! We got to go to a conference for all the Haitianos in this area and it was all in french or creole I cant tell the difference. And also we sang a hymn in a home video about a dog.
Yeah. We sat on a couch and sang with this dog. It was so awkward hahaha. 

Also we helped a member clean the floor of her house by scrubbing steel wool all over it. That was fun. And we taught Damian, who is our investigator who has all kinds of questions, like "what is the soul" and "will god forgive someone who kills someone" and "do you guys believe in nirvana" and literally all kinds of weird things.

Also we had a ward activity for the 18 of September, which is their independence day. So they had dancing and food and it was super fun.

Also for this pday we went to the house of the President and watched womens' conference which was super fun, it was all of the sisters in the mission.  I loved it. President Uchtdorf's talk in specific was suuuper good.

Oh my gosh what else happened this week. I think that was pretty much it. Im super excited for general conference, hopefully I can understand it all hahaha. Okay, I love you!