Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Another baptism!

Hi family!! 

Wow what even happened this week, I don't know. We had the baptism of Danilo! He's the son of a family here and he has down syndrome and until this past month the family didn't think that he could get baptized or something but yeah that happened!

AND I GOT MY PACKAGEEEEE YAYYYUHHHH. Best day of my life I swear, BUTTERFINGERS are so good, oh my heck. 

Also this week we found a Haitiano walking in the street and so we went and talked to him and he's only been in Chile for a month so he doesn't speak too much Spanish so i taught him in English and BOY WAS THAT A STRUGGLE. Man, it is super hard to teach in English. He asked us all these perfect questions like yeah why is the Mormon church different from the Catholic and others and whatnot and it was like well i know why in Spanish but i don't know what to tell you in English hahahaha. But he was super cool and we're going to go back and teach him this Sunday and give him a Book of Mormon in Creole. He was super excited to find out we have Book of Mormons and pamphlets in all kinds of languages.

Ummmmm what else happened this week, let's see. Oh apparently in Argentina mothers day is in October, not sure what day, but happy mothers day, Mom! Hmmmm what else? Hermana Yufra and i didnt have changes this time so we'll be together again for this change which is cool cuz we are working with a family who has two daughters who are going to get baptized in December.

But anyways, i hope everyone is doing super well, I love you!!

Hermana Rand

... for pday today we went to the stake center as a zone and wore pajamas and watched kung fu panda hahaha i forgot how funny that movie is. 

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