Friday, October 21, 2016

Baptism this week!

Hola family!!  

WOW what happened this week? So so MUCH is what happened! The highlight was that we had the baptism of Jorge!! It was so awesome, that was definitely the happiest I have been since I have been here. Also!! We might get to go to the temple with him!! Either this week or next but Im super excited for that too. 

Also, we had a noche de hogar with a member family and the dad made us hamburgers and they were sooooo good.

Also this week we had service for a lady in our ward and it was super fun! HA chiste [translation: j/k], what we did was cleaning wool. She had a bunch of sheep wool in a box and it was all nasty and poopy, like it had poop and stuff stuck in it. I mean dirt and stuff too but mainly poop from where the sheep laid on the ground and whatnot and we had to pull apart the wool and separate it to make the poop fall out. But if it didn't fall out we had to pull it out. Hahahaha yeeaah service! 

Also we helped a family move and guess what I learned? I learned that when people move here, they just throw everything into big black garbage bags and throw those bags into a giant truck. But its usually a good idea to make sure that your big ole moving truck has a functioning battery because if it doesn't than you have to have 6 people push that truck full of all kinds of fun things to your new house. Yeah we pushed a giant truck with a mountain of stuff in the back from one house to another. It was so funny, and then when we unloaded it we had to push it back to the house around the block. Hahaha that was fun.

Also we had a super good district meeting this week about the attributes of Christ and we each shared experiences about times when we really knew that God was real and that he cared about us.

But anyways, that was what happened this week, it was super great, I love you!! 

Hermana Rand

after the baptism, dead tired :)

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