Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hola hola hola familia

SOoooooooo what happened this week?

Well conference was super fun. Actually it was super cool because we got there and we were listening to it in Spanish and i could really only understand like half of Elder Uchtdorf's talk and i was super frustrated cuz all week we had been pumping people up and inviting everyone to conference and then we got there and i couldn't understand very much of it and i was just like "I JUST WANT TO LISTEN TO THE WORDS OF THE PROPHETS BUT I CANT". I was super like - ugh - but then an elder came up to me and told me that they were going to broadcast it in English because they had a room set up for the conference to be broadcast in French but no Haitians showed up. So me and two super new missionaries and another companionship of Americans got to listen to the Saturday sessions in English and it was so awesome. It actually felt like a miracle because i was praying so hard to be able to understand the talks and BAM here's some English for you.

My favorite I think was by that one guy in the Seventy who talked about Joseph Smith "because Joseph was a prophet". Yeah, that was super awesome. Also Mitsubishi Yamasushi [really close, Aleigha, his name was Kazuhiko Yamashita, lol] who talked about the missionary in Japan and asked "why am I here" and he was like "you're here for my benefit". Yeah, that one was emotional for all the missionaries in the room - like, wow.

But ummmm yeah what else happened this week. Um, we had divisions so my sister trainer came to spend the day with me for a day and my comp went with her comp for the day and it was hilarious because we were contacting or i mean knocking on doors oh yeah tracting is the word in English and we knocked on one and this old guy walks out and i say "hola hola como esta" and he looks at us and walks back into his house and shuts the door hahahaha. So that was super awesome.

And for p-day today we went to our stake center with our zone and we watched the Singles Ward 2 and got pizza and played futbol so that was fun. I don't have too many fotos of today - sorryyyy. 

But um yea,h what else happened? Oh yeah we bought completos as you can see. 

This big ol hot dog is called a completo and thats why everyone says the hot dogs in chile are super good. cuz they're COMPLETOS MMMM

But anyways, i think that was about it so ummm yeah i hope you al have a fantastic week! I love you!

Hermana Rand

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