Wednesday, October 12, 2016

hola hola hola

So this week was super fun, and also super stressful but stil it was great! We got to go the to temple with Maria Jose, she is a young woman who has been less active for a while but we've been working towards her reactivation. Going to the temple was super awesome, we got to see her do baptisms. 

And also, hmm, lets see, what else did we do? We did pendones in the ferria, that's like a big old farmers market, but not really a farmers market, they sell everything you could every imagine and it is the length of like an entire street through the city. Not like through the city but through part of the city, but still its pretty big. And so yeah we did pendones there and man, did everyone hate us. Hahah no one wanted to talk. We got people who asked oh, you're Mornons? Yeah, okay, ciao, i don't like the Mormon church and it was like haha okay have a lovely day I'll see you in the next life and teach you the gospel there.

But ummm yeah today we had to clean our apartment so that was what we did for the first like three hours and then we went to the chapel and made melinesa which is like an argentinian sandwich thing which was good. 

Annnnd... what else the heck happened this week? We had to leave one of our less actives because she just wasn't progressing at all which was super sad. Butttt um yeah i think those were the highlights! I love you!!

Hermana Rand

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