Sunday, October 2, 2016


Hola family!!

Well, parents. 

Wow this week was super awesome! We got to go to a conference for all the Haitianos in this area and it was all in french or creole I cant tell the difference. And also we sang a hymn in a home video about a dog.
Yeah. We sat on a couch and sang with this dog. It was so awkward hahaha. 

Also we helped a member clean the floor of her house by scrubbing steel wool all over it. That was fun. And we taught Damian, who is our investigator who has all kinds of questions, like "what is the soul" and "will god forgive someone who kills someone" and "do you guys believe in nirvana" and literally all kinds of weird things.

Also we had a ward activity for the 18 of September, which is their independence day. So they had dancing and food and it was super fun.

Also for this pday we went to the house of the President and watched womens' conference which was super fun, it was all of the sisters in the mission.  I loved it. President Uchtdorf's talk in specific was suuuper good.

Oh my gosh what else happened this week. I think that was pretty much it. Im super excited for general conference, hopefully I can understand it all hahaha. Okay, I love you!

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