Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving! They don't celebrate thanksgiving here. But està bien because today we made apple pies with Hermana Gwilliam. I mean "we" as in all the hermanas. So that was fun, they're going to give one to each district this upcoming Monday

Ummm okay lets see this week we had stake conference, and four of the Haitians that we are working with went with us to the chapel that day. And it was super cute, afterwards, one of the girls was talking to me, she's just a year older than me, and she said, "i want to be a sister like you, how can I be a sister?". As in, like, she wants to be a missionary. And right now she's an investigator. But they are super cool, only one of them is a member and he really wants to serve a mission too. So he helps a bunch in the lessons which is great cuz they're usually a mix of Spanish and Creole and occasionally English.

Also, this week a member told us a cool experience that she had. But first, backstory, like a few weeks back we ran into her on her way home and she has two little boys who are sometimes a little too much for her. So we helped her get them home by like playing and running around with them and she was super grateful at the time. Anyways, flash forward to when we were in a lesson for her and she told us that one day she was super frustrated because her one son didn't want to get on the bus and was having a tantrum and she just felt super like overwhelmed I guess. But she remembered something an hermana of the church said about angels taking care of God's children and she prayed kind of angrily and said like, Heavenly Father if you really care about me please send me one of those angels to help me get my boys home. Then she was able to get her son on the bus and when she got off she ran into us and we helped her get her kids home. And at the time, she kept saying like oh you are angels and we didn't think anything of it, it was like aw hermana don't worry about anything but then she told us that story and it was like awww hermana. Cuz after that she was like talking about how she knows that our prayers get answered and we were sent there to help her in that moment. It reminded me of a talk that we heard in the CCM where one apostle, I have no idea who, said that we have to stop worrying about if the thoughts and feelings we have are the Spirit or only our own thoughts because it is after we act on it that we will be able to recognize it but the important thing is that we don't have the fear to act.

But anyways. Thaaaats about it. Hope you all have a happy thanksgiving! 

Hermana Rand 

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