Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Zone Conference, Halloween and the Supernatural car

Hello family!! 

Not going to lie, I dont really know what happened this week other than the usual walking around and teaching people, sooooo ummmmm, sorry if this letter is a little boring.

But! this week at zone conference President announced that we arent going to be able to leave the mission anymore for p-days and that we can only go to the temple 6 times a year and we can only go with members to the temple for their sealings or for their endowments. So thats a bummer because that cuts out going to the temple for baptisms with Jorge and also since our mission is super tiny we have to be really creative to think of things to do for p-day, haha. This week Im pretty sure everyone went to eat food somewhere and play soccer or volleyball, haha. 

Also this past Sunday we went to teach a few Haitianos and they were super cool but it was super confusing because one speaks English and not Spanish and the other speaks Spanish and not English so Hermana and I were basically teaching everything twice haha.

Also! Haha, Mom and Dad, you both told me that they probably dont have Halloween here but its funny cuz here everyone talked to me as if we dont have Halloween in the United States, hahaha. But yeah we were super lame, we walked around trying to find people to teach and ended up helping Jorge and his cousin Carol decorate their house for a Halloween party. And then we found out the next day that our Elders just went out and ended up trick or treating cuz apparently "everyone thought they were dressed up as misisonaries" ahahahah.

ALSO y'all know that sweet car from last week? I sent you a picture of it? The one that looks like its from Supernatural? Yeah so we saw that car parked outside a house this past week and I was like wow there it is again and so we go and I was looking at it and then this lady walks out of the house and we start talking to her and she was so nice and she knew the missionaires from like 8 years ago but then moved to Canada and then she moved back to Chile. I dont know what happened but when she met us she was super receptive and we'll have another visit with her next week. So that was cool, thank you Spirit and Supernatural car. 

Also!! Jael Kanani I got your letter and it made my DAY!! Thank you so much, a response letter will be on its way soon.

But umm, yeah, also we had service yesterday painting a house which was fun but it basically turned into a paint war with us and the family and the Elders.

Buuut anyways I think thats about all. I love you, have a wonderful week! 

Hermana Rand

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