Wednesday, December 21, 2016

You're still here?

Hahaha hello hello, so yall remember how I told you that we would have changes this week and I would be leaving Departamental? HA GOOD ONE right? What happened is, I know who my new comp is going to be and where I'll be going but President gave us permission to stay in our area for Christmas, so we are going to do the changes this Monday. I'm going to the other side of the mission in San Bernardo and I'll be with Hermana Castro from Peru but for Christmas I'll stay here with Hermana Yufra and the people in Departamental which is cool.

Also one of the girls who is getting baptized TODAY erased all the pictures from my camera today, so here's some pics from my compi. Apparently in latin america, when someone has a birthday it is custom to mix together flour and an egg and throw it at the person so she did that for me haha. Was super awkward, there was flour everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Also this week, we had our ward activity for Navidad and it was super cool, we put up a bunch of tables with desserts from different countries, like the food that we eat for Christmas, so there was food from Colombia, the US, Argentina, Brasil, and Haiti and it was super fun. Although it was awkward cuz we had to "explain" the traditions of that country during Navidad, and I didn't know that we were going to do that so when they were like, "hey explain Navidad in the United States" I was like oh shoot okay and I thought that the new elder, Elder Christensen, would totally have my back and help me out cuz he's from the US but he totally bailed on me and was like "here Ill go pick some music from the US that we can sing while you talk about Christmas". Of course i forgot literally everything that we do during Christmas and this ward member had to help me out and talk about opening presents the morning of the 25th and the giant dinner that we eat and whatnot and i was just there like, oh yeah thats what we do right. And then we sang rudolph the red nosed reindeer in front of the entire ward and because I'm awkward I was dancing and clapping and trying to get people to sing but then i realized that it was in English.

 ALSO guess what, Im going to have a bicycle in my new area, and I will be living in the same house as Hermana DESPAIN!! How cool is that.

Also, I got to hold cualquier puppy this week but I don't have pics of them, but just imagine cute tiny little puppies. Like three separate occasions it was great. Buuut I think that is about it, I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Hermana Rand

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Look at this donkey

Hello hello!

Well to be honest this week was busy, but I don't have any crazy stories or anything... 

So heres some pictures from today! We went to the temple and then afterwards we were walking around Providencia and taking pictures with the statues and whatnot and I found the statue that I want to put in my future house, its the weird looking monkey thing that is spitting water out of its mouth.

And also, a bunch of people set up huge nativity scenes here which is cool cuz you can be walking around and all of a sudden its like "wow look at that giant manger with that big ole cow". And so naturally I took a picture with the donkey that was set up in one of those.

Also we had divisiones this past Monday, which is where we just switch companions with our sister training leaders for a day and it was weird because now our hermana leaders are in a trio, because one of them is going to finish up her mission on the 20th. So I got to teach in a trio! Which was really weird but also super great.

And we are going to have changes on the 20th, and we are pretty sure that I am going to leave and Hermana Yufra is going to stay in Departamental for the next change but we're not sure, we're going to find out this Saturday or Sunday. Which makes me sad because this is my first ward and I won't be here for Christmas, but I'm sure it will be great.

Also we are going to have two baptisms this next week! They are the two sisters that we have been teaching, Katrina and Konstanza, and they're going to have their baptism next Wednesday. Which will be awesome.

But okay, I think that is about it, have an awesome week!

Hermana Rand

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Its the most wonderful tiiiime of the yeeaaar

Thats our district but we had changes so now half of those people aren't here
Hello hello!

So this week was quite eventful, we went to go do stuff for my visa and whatnot cuz apparently i was a little bit illegal for a while there. And there was one day where we got locked inside of our house and another day where we got locked out of our house! Hahah

Okay so the first time where we got locked inside of our house was because something was wrong with our door handle and there's this guy who like fixes all of the houses and stuff of mission santiago sur and he came to look at the lightbulbs that didn't work. Then when he left we were like oh also our door handle is weird and he like twisted it and stuff and is like oh yeah ill come back in a few days and fix it and were like okay sweet thank you dude and he leaves and we lock the door. But then when we went to go leave, we couldn't open the door because the handle didn't work and we were like oh shoot we are going to die in this freaking apartment cuz the only other way to get out is by jumping out the window but we live in the 13 floor so its like thats only in case of emergency duh. But anyways, we had to call the elders and they came and broke into our apartment by using the card trick like Mike Wazowski when he used the credit card to break into that house.

And then another day, we accidentally left our jackets in the church and when we got home we realized that the keys were in Hermanas jacket and thankfully the elders live close to the church so they brought us our keys and we finally got inside our house at like 1145.

AND two of the haitianos that we have been teaching, se llaman Tiben and Emanuel now have a date for their baptism! They are so great, we had a lesson with Tiben and he told us that before, he didn't think that religion was important or anything but now he feels like this is the right thing to do for him, and he wants to follow Christ and that he feels super happy when he is in the church and when we have lessons with them and when his wife comes to Chile she wants to go to church with him and it was so awesome.

But anyways, that is about it for this week, hope you all have an awesome week!

Hermana Rand

We played with water balloons for pday today

Friday, December 2, 2016

Golly Gee Willickers

Hello hello! Wow, I have so much to tell you this week and so little time. So Im sorry if none of this makes sense, here goes! So you remember how we made pies last week? Yeah well we made one for each district and Hermana Gwilliam delivered them to each of the district leaders so that they could bring it to district meeting. But our leaders decided to bring it to pendones, and while we were contacting people in the street one of the elders from our ward dropped it on his feet. Although we still ate it because pie.

Also the day after thanksgiving, a member gave us turkey! The giblets from the turkey, but that still counts as turkey, right?

Also this week, Maria Jose moved to her new ward. But we passed along her new direction to the elders in her new ward and they have already called her twice so we know that she'll be fine. 

Also we had a lesson with two of our investigators who I have been teaching since I arrived here, they're two young girls and their mom is inactive so we are working with really the whole family. But anyways, we had a lesson with them and the mom and abuela left us so we had to go outside to teach them cuz theres a rule that we cant be in the house if theres not a woman over the age of 18 in it. But they have a pool in their backyard so while we were trying to teach, one of the girls just didnt want to listen to us and ended up throwing a bunch of water from the pool over me. So I was just like AHHH but afterwards, when we were all frustrated and stuff, the older girl goes "you know what hermanas? Ive been reading every night" And tells us about where she is in the book of Mormon and everything and that just made things worth it.

Also we had two days of service this week, one where we went OUTSIDE THE MISSION WOOHOO and pulled weeds and cleaned up an apartment complex place and on the way there a puppy started following us so naturally I started playing with it cuz I mean its a dog and it was cute and it followed us to servicio and stayed there and walked back with us and everyone was making fun of me for my dog and an elder named him bones but I dont know what happened to him because on the way home he stopped to eat garbage in the street.

Also in the park this guy gave us a balloon that said "Dios todos lo ve" or "God sees everything" and had a little creepy smiley face on it but he gave it to us cuz his friend told him "give it to them, they need to know the true God" and we were like hahaha chill dude theres only one God.

Also I gave a talk this week! Also some of our haitianos gave us haitiano food and it was sooo good. Aaaaand I think that is about it. Anyways, hope you are all doing well, love you!

Hermana Rand

This is our investigator that I talked about, she had a science fair and we went to vote for her
And this is Maria Jose