Friday, December 2, 2016

Golly Gee Willickers

Hello hello! Wow, I have so much to tell you this week and so little time. So Im sorry if none of this makes sense, here goes! So you remember how we made pies last week? Yeah well we made one for each district and Hermana Gwilliam delivered them to each of the district leaders so that they could bring it to district meeting. But our leaders decided to bring it to pendones, and while we were contacting people in the street one of the elders from our ward dropped it on his feet. Although we still ate it because pie.

Also the day after thanksgiving, a member gave us turkey! The giblets from the turkey, but that still counts as turkey, right?

Also this week, Maria Jose moved to her new ward. But we passed along her new direction to the elders in her new ward and they have already called her twice so we know that she'll be fine. 

Also we had a lesson with two of our investigators who I have been teaching since I arrived here, they're two young girls and their mom is inactive so we are working with really the whole family. But anyways, we had a lesson with them and the mom and abuela left us so we had to go outside to teach them cuz theres a rule that we cant be in the house if theres not a woman over the age of 18 in it. But they have a pool in their backyard so while we were trying to teach, one of the girls just didnt want to listen to us and ended up throwing a bunch of water from the pool over me. So I was just like AHHH but afterwards, when we were all frustrated and stuff, the older girl goes "you know what hermanas? Ive been reading every night" And tells us about where she is in the book of Mormon and everything and that just made things worth it.

Also we had two days of service this week, one where we went OUTSIDE THE MISSION WOOHOO and pulled weeds and cleaned up an apartment complex place and on the way there a puppy started following us so naturally I started playing with it cuz I mean its a dog and it was cute and it followed us to servicio and stayed there and walked back with us and everyone was making fun of me for my dog and an elder named him bones but I dont know what happened to him because on the way home he stopped to eat garbage in the street.

Also in the park this guy gave us a balloon that said "Dios todos lo ve" or "God sees everything" and had a little creepy smiley face on it but he gave it to us cuz his friend told him "give it to them, they need to know the true God" and we were like hahaha chill dude theres only one God.

Also I gave a talk this week! Also some of our haitianos gave us haitiano food and it was sooo good. Aaaaand I think that is about it. Anyways, hope you are all doing well, love you!

Hermana Rand

This is our investigator that I talked about, she had a science fair and we went to vote for her
And this is Maria Jose

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