Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Look at this donkey

Hello hello!

Well to be honest this week was busy, but I don't have any crazy stories or anything... 

So heres some pictures from today! We went to the temple and then afterwards we were walking around Providencia and taking pictures with the statues and whatnot and I found the statue that I want to put in my future house, its the weird looking monkey thing that is spitting water out of its mouth.

And also, a bunch of people set up huge nativity scenes here which is cool cuz you can be walking around and all of a sudden its like "wow look at that giant manger with that big ole cow". And so naturally I took a picture with the donkey that was set up in one of those.

Also we had divisiones this past Monday, which is where we just switch companions with our sister training leaders for a day and it was weird because now our hermana leaders are in a trio, because one of them is going to finish up her mission on the 20th. So I got to teach in a trio! Which was really weird but also super great.

And we are going to have changes on the 20th, and we are pretty sure that I am going to leave and Hermana Yufra is going to stay in Departamental for the next change but we're not sure, we're going to find out this Saturday or Sunday. Which makes me sad because this is my first ward and I won't be here for Christmas, but I'm sure it will be great.

Also we are going to have two baptisms this next week! They are the two sisters that we have been teaching, Katrina and Konstanza, and they're going to have their baptism next Wednesday. Which will be awesome.

But okay, I think that is about it, have an awesome week!

Hermana Rand

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