Wednesday, December 21, 2016

You're still here?

Hahaha hello hello, so yall remember how I told you that we would have changes this week and I would be leaving Departamental? HA GOOD ONE right? What happened is, I know who my new comp is going to be and where I'll be going but President gave us permission to stay in our area for Christmas, so we are going to do the changes this Monday. I'm going to the other side of the mission in San Bernardo and I'll be with Hermana Castro from Peru but for Christmas I'll stay here with Hermana Yufra and the people in Departamental which is cool.

Also one of the girls who is getting baptized TODAY erased all the pictures from my camera today, so here's some pics from my compi. Apparently in latin america, when someone has a birthday it is custom to mix together flour and an egg and throw it at the person so she did that for me haha. Was super awkward, there was flour everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Also this week, we had our ward activity for Navidad and it was super cool, we put up a bunch of tables with desserts from different countries, like the food that we eat for Christmas, so there was food from Colombia, the US, Argentina, Brasil, and Haiti and it was super fun. Although it was awkward cuz we had to "explain" the traditions of that country during Navidad, and I didn't know that we were going to do that so when they were like, "hey explain Navidad in the United States" I was like oh shoot okay and I thought that the new elder, Elder Christensen, would totally have my back and help me out cuz he's from the US but he totally bailed on me and was like "here Ill go pick some music from the US that we can sing while you talk about Christmas". Of course i forgot literally everything that we do during Christmas and this ward member had to help me out and talk about opening presents the morning of the 25th and the giant dinner that we eat and whatnot and i was just there like, oh yeah thats what we do right. And then we sang rudolph the red nosed reindeer in front of the entire ward and because I'm awkward I was dancing and clapping and trying to get people to sing but then i realized that it was in English.

 ALSO guess what, Im going to have a bicycle in my new area, and I will be living in the same house as Hermana DESPAIN!! How cool is that.

Also, I got to hold cualquier puppy this week but I don't have pics of them, but just imagine cute tiny little puppies. Like three separate occasions it was great. Buuut I think that is about it, I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Hermana Rand

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