Thursday, January 26, 2017

duele mi cuerpo

Hello hello family and friends!

So this week we had service pulling out weeds and whatnot from this giant yard of a member in another zone and now my legs and arms and everything hurt haha but it was fun to help. 

And we had the baptism of Emmanuel this week, in Departamental!! It was so fun to go back and be able to see him get baptized, he was smiling the whole time during the baptismal program and afterwards, he gave his testimony and said thank you to the missionaries and to all the hermanas of the church, and for all of their help and friendship and it was super cool to see his progress, and his conversion.

Also, I had to play the piano in both the baptism and in church the next day, which was a nice reminder of how little I have practiced in the past like, 3 years. But it actually turned out fine, probably because I was praying the entire time. It was actually super cool because the musical number for the baptism was with all the missionaries that had taught Emmanuel and their comps, and so I played the piano and like 7 other missionaries sang I Believe in Christ in Creole. Well, I mean, a few verses in Creole and then the others in Spanish. But it was awesome.

And Hermana Castro and I are great, we are figuring out this sector and finding new people to teach which makes us super excited.

But I'm going to say that that is about all I've got for y'all this week, I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The hill next to our house burned down

Hello hello!! 

Well lets see what happened this week, so there was one night where I was in the shower and I was like "what in the world, why does my hair smell like smoke" and then I hear my comp going "Despain, its burning!!". I figured that Hermana Despain was cooking and set a fire or something and so I go out and turns out it wasn't a fire in our house it was a fire on the hill right next to where we live hahah. And it was pretty big and so obviously we were all like "oh shoot" and so we grab our cameras and call the bomberos (like the firemen) and then we were all watching it and waiting for the firemen to come and so we were like what do we do and so next we called the elderes of our ward and tell them um elders the hill right outside our house is burning and they were like "yeah hermanas let us know if it burns your house down okay? and have your emergency backpacks ready with water for when the fire spreads." So we were like well okay thanks dude haha and then the bomberos came and were all yelling and stuff, it was great.

And umm lets see what else happened. OH so one of the haitianos that we were teaching in Departamental is going to get baptized this Saturday! And I get to go! So that is going to be super cool but Hermana Yufra asked if I can play the piano for the baptismal service and I haven't practiced in literally two years so we will see how that goes, I will keep you updated.

Also we got to teach one of the families that went to our open chapel and they are super awesome, the family whose dad is less active and his daughter and wife aren't members, but he told us that he wants to return to the church and the daughter is super awesome and likes to listen to us and we are super excited.

But umm apart from thaaaat Im feeling better about the work in this area, we're finding more people to teach and I'm getting way better at contacting people in the streets and stuff.

Buut um yeah I hope you all have an excellent week! 

Hermana Rand

Isla de pascua is easter island

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

First week on a bike [1/11/2017 email]

Hola hola!

This past week we were finally able to get bicycles and now we get to all of our lessons super fast and its amazing. 

Also this week, we had a capilla abierta (open chapel, like an open house for the church) in our ward and it was my first time doing it but they have a bunch of them here. What they do is they have all the members set up like a table explaining their certain, umm, organization like relief society and quorem de elders and whatnot and we invite everyone and first they start off listening to us, the missionaries, explain a bit about the restoration and then they can go to each of the different rooms in the chapel and listen to the members explain what they do and share their testimonies and stuff and it is super cool. And a bunch of missionaries from the zone come to help but it was super awkward because our chapel is in a random little street that not a lot of people use and usually we would contact in the street and invite everyone in who passed by but nobody passes by ever, so we were really counting on the members to bring people and only like, 4 families, brought people. BUT the people that they brought were like, super awesome and we met a dad who came with his two daughters and he is less active but his wife and daughters aren't members, and at the end of the night he told us that he had felt the spirit super strongly and we were able to look up his baptismal record and get his address and we are hopefully going to teach him this week. 

Also, umm, lets see, umm, teaching people and whatnot, we are kind of struggling to have investigators right now but that just means that I am getting really good at contacting people in the street and that we are really working with less actives and whatnot.

But umm here is a picture of me on my bike that I took while I was riding my bike on a super uneven dirt road and I almost crashed trying to take this picture but I definitely didn't. Okay chiste this computer is stupid and isn't reading my memory card so I don't know if Ill send pictures this week but anyways that is about it.

Hope you all have a great week! 

Hermana Rand

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Yet another story about dogs

Hello hello family and friends!!

SOOOO y'all remember how um I kind of like dogs? And how Chile is full of dogs? Yeah well funny story except not really, but my comp and I were walking down this huge dirt road in the middle of San Bernardo ladidadida alls good and we don't have bikes so we're like 'oh boy this road is huge' and then we hear these puppy cries and were like what the flipperdoodle, is that a puppy? And this crazy guy who was playing in the nasty little creek near the road climbs out of the water and picks up his bike and is like yeah theres a puppy over there and we were like 'okay thanks dude' and off goes this crazy guy. So we look and there's a puppy in the bushes and so my comp and I look at each other for like 5 minutes like 'ohhh no we can't what are we going to do with a puppy' and then eventually we're like 'yeah okay' and we go and pick up the puppy but turns out there's THREE puppies.
 So we put all these puppies in a box that we found and then we take them to the house where we had lunch and the family is like 'oh so cute so cute but we cant have these puppies' so we take them to like every lesson that we had that day and tried to give them to people but nobody wanted them. Eventually it was super late and we took them to our house and kept them there for the night and almost hid them from the other sisters that we live with but we got caught in the morning which was awkward and then we had to carry around these puppies and finally literally nobody wanted them and we were like 'ah man we cant take care of these puppies any longer' and we had to go teach people and we umm.... we left the puppies next to a random house... but when we passed by the next day they weren't there! So we are telling ourselves that somebody took them and they're totally fine. And I have pictures of them but another sister has my adaptor for my memory card so i can't upload anything. Sorryyy don't hate me. So yeah, that's how we ended the year of 2016, by rescuing and then abandoning three puppies.

Ummm what else happened? For New Years we had dinner with a huge family here, with us and the elders, and we had to go home at 11 and then at 12 we heard all the fireworks go off and man, there were some that were super close, everyone was going crazy but we were all so dead that it was like yaaay feliz año, can you guys please go to sleep? Hahha.

Also, this week we had to go do stuff for my visa so i can be fully legal in Chile, whoopee, and it was like the DMV but full of all extranjeros, like non Chilenos. It was cool cuz a bunch of the Hermanas from my group were there, like Hermana Knechtel and friends. So that was fuuuun.

And we had zone meeting this past Tuesday and they did a game like "who am i" where we had to fill out a paper with like what food i like to eat and what music i like and stuff and these were the answers of my comp and I:

What food do i like to eat? --> giblets (me) barbecued octopus (my comp)
What music do i like? --> music infantil like barney (me) metal (my compy)
What did i study? --> the science of firearms (me) i studied in the morgue (my comp)
One characteristic about me? --> I'm an oreo (me, in that my dad is white and my mom is brown) a silent killer (my comp)

And we were like dying because we thought our answers were so funny but then the elder read them out loud and people were like 'what the heck is up with these hermanas' and it ended up just being us dying of laughter while everyone else was like eh hehe good one... i guess... were going to move on now... ahahaha But oh well, the rest of the meeting was actually super good and spiritual.

Anyways. that is about all that happened this week and turns out this nice old guy in the internet place that we're at had an adaptor so here are pictures of the puppies that we adopted, and of a dog that was rummaging in the trash and my desk cuz i thought y'all would like to see that.

But anyways, have a lovely week everybody!

Hermana Rand

Skype-ing with Aleigha on Christmas Day!!

She looked happy... And we had so much fun talking with her!

New year, new kid on the block [12/28/2016 email]

Hola family and friends! Happy belated Christmas and early New year!

So guess what family? We hung up and I realized like 5 minutes later that I forgot to tell you so many things haha awkward. BUT! This week we had our Christmas devotional with all the missionaries in Santiago South and we had a talent show and food and like a spiritual part where we had to sing and OKAY funny story about that... Hermana Yufra and I and three other sisters got signed up to sing 'Mary did you know...' for the devotional cuz it was like full of talks and singing and all kinds of fun stuff right? And I swear we practiced but this freaking song is so high and so we practiced doing it lower but then when we went to perform it, we all forgot to start out singing lower so at one point when we were supposed to sing super high we all just kind of stopped singing. And like looked at each other and then had to continue with the song and i was freaking dying because it was so embarrassing and we definitely didn't plan to stop but oh my heck so that happened in front of all the mission.

Also, Hermana Yufra and I and two Elders participated in the talent show! I don't know if I can send the video but if y'all look up "ostrich dance vine" and look at the first video, I think, where theres a person in a hoodie lookin like an ostrich, thats what we did, we choreographed a dance like that to the harlem shake hahaha.

AND I am officially in my new sector with Hermana Castro. We are in Quimey in San Bernardo, I went from the edge of the mission in San Miguel to the other edge of the mission. We are supposed to have bicycles but as of right now we have to walk and take the bus everywhere because the Hermanas were robbed of their bikes like 3 days before i got here and so we have to wait until they can get us other ones.

For Christmas, when we got home we wanted to see all the fireworks that people were setting off but there are buildings and stuff everywhere so our lideres de distrito gave us permission to go to the top of our building. So we went and saw the entire city and it was so cool.

Also, during our devotional, President talked about the different gifts that we all have such as diligence, sacrifice, the gift to be taught and teach, the gift to serve and want to do the right, and it was super cool and he encouraged us to recognize the gifts that we have and the gifts that others have. 

But anyways, that was what happened this week, hope you all have a super great new years!! 

Hermana Rand