Thursday, January 26, 2017

duele mi cuerpo

Hello hello family and friends!

So this week we had service pulling out weeds and whatnot from this giant yard of a member in another zone and now my legs and arms and everything hurt haha but it was fun to help. 

And we had the baptism of Emmanuel this week, in Departamental!! It was so fun to go back and be able to see him get baptized, he was smiling the whole time during the baptismal program and afterwards, he gave his testimony and said thank you to the missionaries and to all the hermanas of the church, and for all of their help and friendship and it was super cool to see his progress, and his conversion.

Also, I had to play the piano in both the baptism and in church the next day, which was a nice reminder of how little I have practiced in the past like, 3 years. But it actually turned out fine, probably because I was praying the entire time. It was actually super cool because the musical number for the baptism was with all the missionaries that had taught Emmanuel and their comps, and so I played the piano and like 7 other missionaries sang I Believe in Christ in Creole. Well, I mean, a few verses in Creole and then the others in Spanish. But it was awesome.

And Hermana Castro and I are great, we are figuring out this sector and finding new people to teach which makes us super excited.

But I'm going to say that that is about all I've got for y'all this week, I hope you all have a fantastic week!

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