Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New year, new kid on the block [12/28/2016 email]

Hola family and friends! Happy belated Christmas and early New year!

So guess what family? We hung up and I realized like 5 minutes later that I forgot to tell you so many things haha awkward. BUT! This week we had our Christmas devotional with all the missionaries in Santiago South and we had a talent show and food and like a spiritual part where we had to sing and OKAY funny story about that... Hermana Yufra and I and three other sisters got signed up to sing 'Mary did you know...' for the devotional cuz it was like full of talks and singing and all kinds of fun stuff right? And I swear we practiced but this freaking song is so high and so we practiced doing it lower but then when we went to perform it, we all forgot to start out singing lower so at one point when we were supposed to sing super high we all just kind of stopped singing. And like looked at each other and then had to continue with the song and i was freaking dying because it was so embarrassing and we definitely didn't plan to stop but oh my heck so that happened in front of all the mission.

Also, Hermana Yufra and I and two Elders participated in the talent show! I don't know if I can send the video but if y'all look up "ostrich dance vine" and look at the first video, I think, where theres a person in a hoodie lookin like an ostrich, thats what we did, we choreographed a dance like that to the harlem shake hahaha.

AND I am officially in my new sector with Hermana Castro. We are in Quimey in San Bernardo, I went from the edge of the mission in San Miguel to the other edge of the mission. We are supposed to have bicycles but as of right now we have to walk and take the bus everywhere because the Hermanas were robbed of their bikes like 3 days before i got here and so we have to wait until they can get us other ones.

For Christmas, when we got home we wanted to see all the fireworks that people were setting off but there are buildings and stuff everywhere so our lideres de distrito gave us permission to go to the top of our building. So we went and saw the entire city and it was so cool.

Also, during our devotional, President talked about the different gifts that we all have such as diligence, sacrifice, the gift to be taught and teach, the gift to serve and want to do the right, and it was super cool and he encouraged us to recognize the gifts that we have and the gifts that others have. 

But anyways, that was what happened this week, hope you all have a super great new years!! 

Hermana Rand

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