Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The hill next to our house burned down

Hello hello!! 

Well lets see what happened this week, so there was one night where I was in the shower and I was like "what in the world, why does my hair smell like smoke" and then I hear my comp going "Despain, its burning!!". I figured that Hermana Despain was cooking and set a fire or something and so I go out and turns out it wasn't a fire in our house it was a fire on the hill right next to where we live hahah. And it was pretty big and so obviously we were all like "oh shoot" and so we grab our cameras and call the bomberos (like the firemen) and then we were all watching it and waiting for the firemen to come and so we were like what do we do and so next we called the elderes of our ward and tell them um elders the hill right outside our house is burning and they were like "yeah hermanas let us know if it burns your house down okay? and have your emergency backpacks ready with water for when the fire spreads." So we were like well okay thanks dude haha and then the bomberos came and were all yelling and stuff, it was great.

And umm lets see what else happened. OH so one of the haitianos that we were teaching in Departamental is going to get baptized this Saturday! And I get to go! So that is going to be super cool but Hermana Yufra asked if I can play the piano for the baptismal service and I haven't practiced in literally two years so we will see how that goes, I will keep you updated.

Also we got to teach one of the families that went to our open chapel and they are super awesome, the family whose dad is less active and his daughter and wife aren't members, but he told us that he wants to return to the church and the daughter is super awesome and likes to listen to us and we are super excited.

But umm apart from thaaaat Im feeling better about the work in this area, we're finding more people to teach and I'm getting way better at contacting people in the streets and stuff.

Buut um yeah I hope you all have an excellent week! 

Hermana Rand

Isla de pascua is easter island

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