Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Yet another story about dogs

Hello hello family and friends!!

SOOOO y'all remember how um I kind of like dogs? And how Chile is full of dogs? Yeah well funny story except not really, but my comp and I were walking down this huge dirt road in the middle of San Bernardo ladidadida alls good and we don't have bikes so we're like 'oh boy this road is huge' and then we hear these puppy cries and were like what the flipperdoodle, is that a puppy? And this crazy guy who was playing in the nasty little creek near the road climbs out of the water and picks up his bike and is like yeah theres a puppy over there and we were like 'okay thanks dude' and off goes this crazy guy. So we look and there's a puppy in the bushes and so my comp and I look at each other for like 5 minutes like 'ohhh no we can't what are we going to do with a puppy' and then eventually we're like 'yeah okay' and we go and pick up the puppy but turns out there's THREE puppies.
 So we put all these puppies in a box that we found and then we take them to the house where we had lunch and the family is like 'oh so cute so cute but we cant have these puppies' so we take them to like every lesson that we had that day and tried to give them to people but nobody wanted them. Eventually it was super late and we took them to our house and kept them there for the night and almost hid them from the other sisters that we live with but we got caught in the morning which was awkward and then we had to carry around these puppies and finally literally nobody wanted them and we were like 'ah man we cant take care of these puppies any longer' and we had to go teach people and we umm.... we left the puppies next to a random house... but when we passed by the next day they weren't there! So we are telling ourselves that somebody took them and they're totally fine. And I have pictures of them but another sister has my adaptor for my memory card so i can't upload anything. Sorryyy don't hate me. So yeah, that's how we ended the year of 2016, by rescuing and then abandoning three puppies.

Ummm what else happened? For New Years we had dinner with a huge family here, with us and the elders, and we had to go home at 11 and then at 12 we heard all the fireworks go off and man, there were some that were super close, everyone was going crazy but we were all so dead that it was like yaaay feliz año, can you guys please go to sleep? Hahha.

Also, this week we had to go do stuff for my visa so i can be fully legal in Chile, whoopee, and it was like the DMV but full of all extranjeros, like non Chilenos. It was cool cuz a bunch of the Hermanas from my group were there, like Hermana Knechtel and friends. So that was fuuuun.

And we had zone meeting this past Tuesday and they did a game like "who am i" where we had to fill out a paper with like what food i like to eat and what music i like and stuff and these were the answers of my comp and I:

What food do i like to eat? --> giblets (me) barbecued octopus (my comp)
What music do i like? --> music infantil like barney (me) metal (my compy)
What did i study? --> the science of firearms (me) i studied in the morgue (my comp)
One characteristic about me? --> I'm an oreo (me, in that my dad is white and my mom is brown) a silent killer (my comp)

And we were like dying because we thought our answers were so funny but then the elder read them out loud and people were like 'what the heck is up with these hermanas' and it ended up just being us dying of laughter while everyone else was like eh hehe good one... i guess... were going to move on now... ahahaha But oh well, the rest of the meeting was actually super good and spiritual.

Anyways. that is about all that happened this week and turns out this nice old guy in the internet place that we're at had an adaptor so here are pictures of the puppies that we adopted, and of a dog that was rummaging in the trash and my desk cuz i thought y'all would like to see that.

But anyways, have a lovely week everybody!

Hermana Rand

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