Friday, February 17, 2017

Old people are cute, part 2 [2/15/2017 email]

Hello hello!

So this week has started off awesome. First off, for the past couple of weeks we have really been struggling trying to find people to teach because everyone has been on vacation so nobody is in their house and nobody wants to listen to the missionaries if they are in their house. But the other day, we were riding around in one neighborhood and our visit/lesson had just fallen through and we were close to a few neighborhoods that we had never entered because they've got a gate surrounding them and it is never open. But also we know that there are some good people there because we have met some of them on the street that said they live there, its just we could never enter. But I go, "you want to see if the gate is open to Zion?" and so we ride over and it was open. It was like, "oh wow". And so we went and started contacting and the first person we met was actually excited to meet us! She had had friends that were mormon and actually wanted to listen and we met like 3 other people like her, who were super awesome and at the end of the day we were so excited and we are going to be able to return to visit them later on in the week. And also we were able to teach two new investigators for who we are really excited. But yeah, it was really cool to be able to see that our prayers are being answered. Its just sometimes we have to have trust in Gods timing and not our own. Hope you all have a lovely week!

Hermana Rand

pics from when hermana despain and i went to the temple for the sealing of juan and marcela

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