Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This lady gave us mangos this week

Hello hello family and friends! 

Sooo this week, we had service in another sector with like 10 other missionaries and we had to go there by car and we all got mildly carsick because were all used to bikes and then at one point the elder who was driving pulled to the side of the road and we all bailed and took a picture in the street because why not.

Umm oh yeah for the service we dug a super long like trench thing and cleaned up this members orchard and since Hermana Despain and I always go crazy during service we got home with all kinds of scratches and cuts on our arms and legs it was so funny.

Also we are back to walking because the office elders took our bikes so that they could send them to a repair shop, but i don't know why, all thats wrong with them is my comps bike doesn't have brakes so she has to stop with her feet and our tires are super old and and the baskets are all broken and falling apart hahaha.

But umm also we are going to have a baptism of Anita this week, she's the daughter of a less active and she's got like 9 years. So we are excited for that, she'll be getting baptised with another little girl who just turned 8 but we never taught her or anything cuz her parents are members active. But we are super excited for that.

But anyways, I hope you all have a great week!

Hermana Rand

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