Monday, March 27, 2017

magandang tanghali [3/22/2017 email]

My companion is teaching me tagalog. That is about all that has happened this week. Oh also I hit my 9 month mark and my companion made me a lil poster saying happy nine months and it made me convinced that she is the cutest person in the history of the world.

Ummmm lets see. One day we were fasting and it was the one day when literally everyone who we visited had prepared food for us. So we had to tell like 5 different families that we were fasting and every single one was like "oh shoot good thing we didnt prepare a bunch of tacos or anything" or "oh shoot well Ill just leave the cake in the kitchen then" haha we felt so bad.

But I am super happy with Hermana Borja as my companion, it is tough to find investigators right now but we are working really hard together, and are trusting that we will be able to find people as we keep being obedient and working hard. I hope you all have a great week!

Hermana Rand 

Last week at the Temple

With the two elders we share our ward with

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