Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sleepless in Santiago

Hello hello family and friends!

SO this week we had CAMBIOS!! But okay, first off we started the week off by having a day where we do divisions with the missionaries from the CCM for like 3 hours. This was the second time I've done it, the other time was when I was in Departamental. So we went to the estaca and picked up our new little companions and then took them back to our sector, mine was a cute little Colombian who laughed at everything and was super excited to be there and was just super happy and I felt like we were basically the same person. And it kind of stunk at first because we were contacting doors for the first hour and nobody wanted to listen to us and I was like shoot I need somebody to receive us so that this little missionary can see that the missionary life is pretty cool and not everybody hates us. Then we met a lady who was painting her door and we started to talk with her and turns out she had talked with missionaries before and she invited us in her house and called her two daughters and they were so cool and my comp was able to give them a Book of Mormon and it was one of the coolest contacts that I have had in a while, and afterwards she was all excited and went back to the CCM super happy.

And then, two days before cambios, we had six hermanas in the house because Hermana Silva and Hermana Yufra were finishing up their mission so when they left their companions would have to stay together. So they came to our house and the night before they were going to leave they did all of their suitcases and packed everything up but also left our house a freaking disaster with all of the stuff that they were leaving behind. Hermana Silva left at 3 in the morning, and Hermana Yufra at 6:30 in the morning so none of us slept at all because we were helping them get things together. And then the next night, we had to get ready because we were going to have cambios in the morning so we had to move things and clean things and whatnot and none of us slept then either hahahah.

And now I am companions with Hermana Borja, from the filipines and Hermana Castro is with Hermana de Carvalho, from Brasil.

So thats that. Its sad because Despain isn't living in the house now but its cool because Hermana Castro is still here. But that was this week, full of lots of changes and new things. I hope you all have a lovely week!

Hermana Rand

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