Monday, March 27, 2017

woohoooo [3/15/2017 email]

hello hello!

This week waaaaas super good but i cant remember all that happened... Um lets see we had divisions with our hermana leaders (our sister training leaders) and our sector is one of the biggest sectors in the mission right? And theres one place where we always go to that is farther away than the freaking moon and its technically not part of our mission but we have ward members and less actives there so we go and teach there anyways. SOO I thought it would be funny to take my hermana leader on a "scenic tour" to that place, called valle nevado, because they only ever see part of the sector when we have divisions and i dont think they believed us when we said it is freaking gigantic or that our bikes are terrible. And so we went, and i think i almost killed her because we had to go along the border of the sector like the longest route but it was funny and she made it out basically okay. She told me our bikes are terrible hahahaha.

And lets see what else, the other day i ran into a parked bus because i felt bad for a guy who passed us on his bike and crashed, so i was looking behind me and then all of a sudden i looked in front of me and had like two seconds to realize i was going to die before i crashed my front tire and my head into a bus hahaha. It was actually super funny but there was a big ole group of people who saw it so thats awkward.

But anyways, my companion and i are doing super good, she is tiny but likes to work hard so i love being with her! I hope you all have a good week!

Hermana Rand

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