Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Temblor, Dude

Hello hello!! Okay so first off this week I felt my first earthquake!! Well, okay here they call the smaller earthquakes "temblor" so if its less then 7 its a temblor and if its more than 7 its an earthquake, or a terremoto. So this past Saturday, we all woke up at like 12 at night because it was temblando, like a lil earthquake was happening and we were all like oooooh temblor although my companion just slept right through it, i and the other Hermanas were talking about it. That was the first one i felt! And then like two days ago we were in a lesson and I said, "okay, today we are going to talk about the plan of salvation." and then the house started shaking and we were all like freak thats an earthquake. So we ran upstairs because apparently its safer to go upstairs so that if the roof falls we wouldn't get smashed on the first floor and die, we would get smashed on the second floor and probably not die. So then we continued the lesson after it stopped and the family was all ready to repent and get baptized hahaha. So that was fun. The good thing is that the houses here are pretty earthquake-proof, it would have to be like above an 8 or 9 to take them down.

And then like three nights ago, we had a guest in our house! Haha Dude, the mission dog, followed the other hermanas home and ended up sleeping inside our house for a night. So we made him a bed and he was our lil guest.

ALSO GUESS WHAT WE GOT NEW BIKES. Our other bikes were like the worst bikes in the world and I had them for 4 months and we were very grateful to have bikes but them broke like every other day. But now we have new bikes and they are the same bikes as the elders, and oh my heck they are like bikes from heaven. So we are extremely happy. Also its just hard not to be happy when Borja and I are companions.

ALSO we had our Polynesian Pday today! Well, half Polynesian Pday. But we made candy leis, we watched Moana, and we made Hawaiian haystacks, and we played volleyball it was super fun. So thats me with the two other half poly elders of the mission.

But anyways, that is about it for this week, hope everybody is super great!

Hermana Rand

A few pix from the Mission FB page...

This is a picture of the entire mission on Dec. 30, 2016. You can see Aleigha in the very front on the right.
Posted Dec. 23rd, so I'm assuming the Mission Christmas Party. ;-)

A picture of all of the Hermanas at the recent Womens' Conference.

Aleigha and her comp at Womens' Conference.

It was easter and we went to the cemetery [4/20/2017 email]

SOO this week was Easter and as a zone we went to go talk to people in the cemetery because the church let out that video of "Prince of Peace". So my companion and like 20 other missionaries went to this huge graveyard and tried to talk to people. Not going to lie it was super awkward at first cuz there was a bunch of people there like remembering their friends and family and we were like ummmm but how we did it was we kind of like sat down next to people and just started talking to them about their family. And it was actually super cool because most of them just wanted that time to remember and when we came they were pretty happy to talk to someone about that person, and when they got curious as to who we were and why we were there and we got to talk to them about the plan of salvation and Christ and it ended up being a super cool experience. We talked to one lady who had a lot of questions and a lot of pain and after talking to us she told us that she knew it was for a reason that we had come and talked to her and that she wanted to turn her life around and turn more to God and it was like wow. Also Im just like super happy with my comp. We are best friends. Anyways. Hope you all have a great week! Love you!

Hermana Rand

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sometimes you just don't know

OKAY. So this week we had the coolest experience that I have had thus far on my mission. And in truth we just had like a super great week but I don't have time to write about all of it. But yesterday after lunch, we had just had a visit/lesson fall through and so we were biking around, trying to figure out where to go. And we went to the house of one lady who lives in a street called Santa Ines, the lady is named Ana Maria but we realized that she wasn't at home so we just sort of passed by and we were both thinking of where we could go. And recently, the elders in the office put together a list of every single member in our mission, and organized it by ward, so we use that to look for less actives and members to visit. And I look at the list and I realize that the street that we were in is actually Santa Ines Oriente and the street next to it is Santa Ines. But anyways, there is supposedly a family that lives in Santa Ines Oriente and we figure that well try to find them. So we pull up to the house and yell "allo" and out walks this kid, like 10-11 years old. And were like, "Hi is there a Jocelyn here? Can you get her?" and he runs and gets his mom and she sees us and we introduce ourselves and she opens the gate and lets us pass and were there like "what for reals we can enter?" and when we get inside, we start talking with Jocelyn and her son, Benjamin. And what they told us is that she, Jocelyn, is a member inactive for a while now but that her son was never baptized. And in his school they had a pastor talk to them, because it is a Christian school, and share his story about how his life was changed when he turned to God and put his trust in God. And the son came home that day and realized that he felt bad that he had never been baptized and they had actually been receiving the missionaries like two years back when he was like 9 years old but that he never got baptized because at the time he didn't want to commit to always attend church. But he was talking with his mom that day about how he wanted to be baptized and about religion and how he wants to go to church and he said "we were talking about that and then two seconds later you two showed up". And the mom started to cry and told us that she had thought that the missionaries and the members had forgotten about them because we would always pass by but nobody had visited them in years and that she believed if we had come in another day she didn't know if they would have been open to receive us and she told us that really that was the timing of the Lord, that we came when both she and her son were realizing that they needed the gospel to be in their lives and we came in a moment when they were both ready to open the door. And I remember thinking while they explained all of this, "This is why I came on a mission." It was one of the most powerful things I have ever felt and it was an actual miracle. And then after we shared a message with them we asked if we could do something to help them and the son told us that the best thing we could do is come back and teach them. 

So that was what happened yesterday. And if y'all could keep Jocelyn and Benjamin in your prayers that would be super cool. Also here's some pictures from the pday that we had today, polynesian pday got moved to another week so we went to a park and played futbol and my companion and i went and ran up a mountain when nobody was paying attention to us. Okay, I hope you all have a wonderful week! 

Hermana Rand

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Conferences conferences and more conferences!!

Lets see this week was literally full of conferences and they were so great! For all you who didnt get to listen to general conference, you should definitely drop whatever youre doing unless its super important and that is impossible to do and go listen to general conference. You know how everyone always says that each person who listens to conference takes away something different, sees a different theme from the talks that are given? I dont know about you guys but I felt like all the apostles were speaking about the plan of salvation and the importance of the scriptures and the Holy Ghost. The testimony of the prophet particularly was super powerful because I mean think about it, you have this man who has been called by God to run His church, but he is getting super old and kind of struggling to be able to function normally as a human much less as a prophet and when we get to hear him speak he only speaks for less than 5 minutes or so and what he chooses to tell us is his testimony of the book of mormon. That just proves that every one of us should treasure the scriptures more.

One of the things that I sometimes feel guilty for is that before the mission I didnt read the scriptures every day. And now, when there are less actives who became less active because they started leaving behind the little things and we start teaching them that they need to pray and read the scriptures every day to feel that spirit in their life, man it really makes you grateful that there is repentance. Because really we have the scriptures for a reason and there is no reason to not read them. Somebody once told me that there is no such thing as a lack of time, just a lack of priorities. If these things are important to us and we really understand that importancia then we will just do them, regardless of the excuses that we could put.

So anyways, on that note, I hope you all just have a great week and go read the Book of Mormon! Love you!

Hermana Rand

Gotta whistle while youre working [3/29/2017 email]

SOOO this week was super good, I love having Hermana Borja as my companion. We are working super hard and I just love working with her. This week we were able to teach a lady who we contacted like a week or two back, and it was super cool being able to talk to her, we were both pretty nervous because it was our first lesson with her but we started talking to her about her life and she shared with us how her baby girl really was like a little gift from God and for a while she had felt like God had abandoned her until her baby was born and then she was able to realize that He was there and have a desire to have God in her life again.

And also, my comp was kind of struggling this week with physical pain from the bicycles and from being kind of discouraged and she told me one day that she wasn't sure if she wanted to continue with the mission and i was literally like oh no how do I help her, so I pulled out her mission call and we read again where it says "Sister Rand and Sister Borja, you have hereby been called to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You are hereby called to serve in the Chile Santiago South Mission." And it was really cool to remember the moment that I opened up that call, I remember holding that call before I opened it and Kendric (my brother) took it and told me "ooooh its pretty thick, youre going foreign" and then opening it up and not knowing where in the world Chile was, remembering that moment helped us both to remember why we are here and who we are representing. And after that, we were able to go to work again, with that purpose fresh in our minds.

So that is what happened this week, also is everyone so excited for General Conference?? Because I am. Also apparently april fools day isnt a thing here but Im going to make it a thing.

Okay, hope you all have a lovely week!

Hermana Rand