Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Conferences conferences and more conferences!!

Lets see this week was literally full of conferences and they were so great! For all you who didnt get to listen to general conference, you should definitely drop whatever youre doing unless its super important and that is impossible to do and go listen to general conference. You know how everyone always says that each person who listens to conference takes away something different, sees a different theme from the talks that are given? I dont know about you guys but I felt like all the apostles were speaking about the plan of salvation and the importance of the scriptures and the Holy Ghost. The testimony of the prophet particularly was super powerful because I mean think about it, you have this man who has been called by God to run His church, but he is getting super old and kind of struggling to be able to function normally as a human much less as a prophet and when we get to hear him speak he only speaks for less than 5 minutes or so and what he chooses to tell us is his testimony of the book of mormon. That just proves that every one of us should treasure the scriptures more.

One of the things that I sometimes feel guilty for is that before the mission I didnt read the scriptures every day. And now, when there are less actives who became less active because they started leaving behind the little things and we start teaching them that they need to pray and read the scriptures every day to feel that spirit in their life, man it really makes you grateful that there is repentance. Because really we have the scriptures for a reason and there is no reason to not read them. Somebody once told me that there is no such thing as a lack of time, just a lack of priorities. If these things are important to us and we really understand that importancia then we will just do them, regardless of the excuses that we could put.

So anyways, on that note, I hope you all just have a great week and go read the Book of Mormon! Love you!

Hermana Rand

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