Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sometimes you just don't know

OKAY. So this week we had the coolest experience that I have had thus far on my mission. And in truth we just had like a super great week but I don't have time to write about all of it. But yesterday after lunch, we had just had a visit/lesson fall through and so we were biking around, trying to figure out where to go. And we went to the house of one lady who lives in a street called Santa Ines, the lady is named Ana Maria but we realized that she wasn't at home so we just sort of passed by and we were both thinking of where we could go. And recently, the elders in the office put together a list of every single member in our mission, and organized it by ward, so we use that to look for less actives and members to visit. And I look at the list and I realize that the street that we were in is actually Santa Ines Oriente and the street next to it is Santa Ines. But anyways, there is supposedly a family that lives in Santa Ines Oriente and we figure that well try to find them. So we pull up to the house and yell "allo" and out walks this kid, like 10-11 years old. And were like, "Hi is there a Jocelyn here? Can you get her?" and he runs and gets his mom and she sees us and we introduce ourselves and she opens the gate and lets us pass and were there like "what for reals we can enter?" and when we get inside, we start talking with Jocelyn and her son, Benjamin. And what they told us is that she, Jocelyn, is a member inactive for a while now but that her son was never baptized. And in his school they had a pastor talk to them, because it is a Christian school, and share his story about how his life was changed when he turned to God and put his trust in God. And the son came home that day and realized that he felt bad that he had never been baptized and they had actually been receiving the missionaries like two years back when he was like 9 years old but that he never got baptized because at the time he didn't want to commit to always attend church. But he was talking with his mom that day about how he wanted to be baptized and about religion and how he wants to go to church and he said "we were talking about that and then two seconds later you two showed up". And the mom started to cry and told us that she had thought that the missionaries and the members had forgotten about them because we would always pass by but nobody had visited them in years and that she believed if we had come in another day she didn't know if they would have been open to receive us and she told us that really that was the timing of the Lord, that we came when both she and her son were realizing that they needed the gospel to be in their lives and we came in a moment when they were both ready to open the door. And I remember thinking while they explained all of this, "This is why I came on a mission." It was one of the most powerful things I have ever felt and it was an actual miracle. And then after we shared a message with them we asked if we could do something to help them and the son told us that the best thing we could do is come back and teach them. 

So that was what happened yesterday. And if y'all could keep Jocelyn and Benjamin in your prayers that would be super cool. Also here's some pictures from the pday that we had today, polynesian pday got moved to another week so we went to a park and played futbol and my companion and i went and ran up a mountain when nobody was paying attention to us. Okay, I hope you all have a wonderful week! 

Hermana Rand

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