Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Temblor, Dude

Hello hello!! Okay so first off this week I felt my first earthquake!! Well, okay here they call the smaller earthquakes "temblor" so if its less then 7 its a temblor and if its more than 7 its an earthquake, or a terremoto. So this past Saturday, we all woke up at like 12 at night because it was temblando, like a lil earthquake was happening and we were all like oooooh temblor although my companion just slept right through it, i and the other Hermanas were talking about it. That was the first one i felt! And then like two days ago we were in a lesson and I said, "okay, today we are going to talk about the plan of salvation." and then the house started shaking and we were all like freak thats an earthquake. So we ran upstairs because apparently its safer to go upstairs so that if the roof falls we wouldn't get smashed on the first floor and die, we would get smashed on the second floor and probably not die. So then we continued the lesson after it stopped and the family was all ready to repent and get baptized hahaha. So that was fun. The good thing is that the houses here are pretty earthquake-proof, it would have to be like above an 8 or 9 to take them down.

And then like three nights ago, we had a guest in our house! Haha Dude, the mission dog, followed the other hermanas home and ended up sleeping inside our house for a night. So we made him a bed and he was our lil guest.

ALSO GUESS WHAT WE GOT NEW BIKES. Our other bikes were like the worst bikes in the world and I had them for 4 months and we were very grateful to have bikes but them broke like every other day. But now we have new bikes and they are the same bikes as the elders, and oh my heck they are like bikes from heaven. So we are extremely happy. Also its just hard not to be happy when Borja and I are companions.

ALSO we had our Polynesian Pday today! Well, half Polynesian Pday. But we made candy leis, we watched Moana, and we made Hawaiian haystacks, and we played volleyball it was super fun. So thats me with the two other half poly elders of the mission.

But anyways, that is about it for this week, hope everybody is super great!

Hermana Rand

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