Monday, May 22, 2017

Another week in Chile [5/10/2017 email]


You know, sometimes the people in the street just randomly yell "HELLO HELLO" at the missionaries. And that is true for almost all of us. Like, it doesn't matter if they're full latinos or actual gringos, people just see the name badge and want to yell at you in english. Fun fact for you all.

Also hmm lets see. This week has been good, just, you know, working as usual. Benjamin and Jocelyn are doing super good, and they always tell us about the little miracles that have been happening in their lives that have started ever since we found them that day. They say that they have started to receive so many little blessings that they never received when they were far from the church, like when they had separated themselves from the church. So that was super cool to hear, you can tell that they really are happy to be turning back to God. So naturally we are super happy for them. They are really a testimony to me that the timing of God is definitely not our timing. I know that for a long time, Hermana Borja and I were fasting and praying and contacting literally everyone that we met because we were trying to find people to teach, people who needed this message that we have. And it felt like a long time that we were struggling with that, and then one day we found Benjamin and Jocelyn by miracle (it felt more like an accident) and they were just one of the answers to our prayers that we've gotten because there are more that have happened. So don't worry because God always listens and always answers, we just are sometimes impatient. Or we don't recognize the answers.

But that is it, I hope you all have a lovely week!

Hermana Rand

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