Wednesday, May 31, 2017

We are basically the Power Puff Girls

Hello hello family and friends! 

So this week has been interesting, I have been getting accustomed to working in a trio and to my new calling. This last Saturday we had a service project as a zone where we went to an old person retirement home or something that is in my past sector, Quimey, and we cleaned up like weeds and threw away a bunch of trash that they had collected up there, like wheelchairs and whatnot. So thats why theres a pic of us standing in a big ole trash can. Dump thing? Ima go with trash can.

Also what else has happened, hmmm today for pday we went to a house where the hermanas were fighting and helped them have conflict resolution for three hours. And we were able to resolve it! Woohoo! At least we think we resolved it but we will see.

But that is about it because honestly it has been a lot of meetings and stuff, and trying to find people to teach. BUT I am doing super good, and I hope that everyone else is as well! Have a lovely week!

Hermana Rand

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