Wednesday, June 21, 2017

estamos sacando la mugre

Hello hello!

So literally everything that has happened this week is that we are working as hard as we can to find new people, talking with literally everyone in the street, working at every moment that we can and we are seeing results! We are finding a lot of people who we are going to try and visit this week and the next, and we got a new investigator yesterday who has such good questions about the plan of salvation which makes us super excited, and we are really seeing how when you have faith and do literally everything you can, the Lord will bless you. I feel like we finally know how to teach as a trio, only took 5 weeks but patience is a virtue! But yeah so we are super pumped, just working so hard every day that we come home DEAD but I prefer it like that. 

Also I never wrote about pday last week which was awesome. They did an activity to say bye to the missionaries who are leaving after this change and they rented a bounce house slide thing and had a bunch of things going on in the different rooms of the chapel where they did it and out of the 170 (roughly) missionaries in the mission, 155 showed up to the activity haha, so we got to see almost everybody. But that was super fun, I got to see Hermana Borja so we spent the time running around and taking pictures with everybody. 

Also we've got one year as of today! Woohoo! That just means that this part of my mission has to be the BEST. But I am so excited, I am with someone from the same group as me and we are so pumped to get the work moving here. Aaaand that is about it, I hope you all have a lovely week!

Hermana Rand

pics from the pday last week

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Everyone has a "weird mission food" story

Hello hello! 

So this week has been eventful. BUT my favorite part of the week was this past Wednesday. So we are working in the night and we stop by for a less active lady's house and she invites us in, she was the first one to receive us all night (because nobody wants to talk to the missionaries if it is raining outside) and makes us sit at her table cuz she wants to share the little dinner that they were eating with us. And so she cuts up the bread and stuff and then she takes out a plate that had on it... headcheese. And I was like "oh no, we're in that missionary movie where the hermana has to eat headcheese" and I told her "oh hermana, I'm okay" and she was like oh alright and gave me some avocado to put on the bread. So I'm there with my two comps, and DeCarvalho, the Brazilian, is like super happy, starts to eat the headcheese by the slice and whatnot and then the member lady gives Hermana Johnston a heated up sandwich of headcheese and Johnston told me afterwards that she was thinking "hmm maybe it wont be so bad" and so she starts to eat it and she is like. STRUGGLING. Like gagging and trying to not let the member's husband see. And meanwhile I'm just eating my bread with avocado trying not to give her away and die laughing and DeCarvalho is happy but Johnston is just dying. I was so happy that I escaped but afterwards we were literally dying it was so funny.

And then on Saturday we had a baptism, but it was one of the investigators that the hermanas before us were teaching, we just finished up a few lessons and planned the baptism for her, so I don't know her too well but she was super happy afterwards which was cool.

And then these past couple of days we have been trying to help a few hermanas that are really struggling in their companionship so we went and had divisions with them which meant that I got to see Hermana Borja. But it was stressful because both of the hermanas feel like going home right now and we are super worried about them. But our division went really well and we are going to work with them and try to help.

And then yesterday, our ward mission leader, who is the light of this ward to me because he is just the cutest old guy and he helps us so much and loves the mission work so much came to us in our weekly meeting that we have with him and told us that this was the last meeting we would have, that because of the members and how they never help they only criticize and they don't really care about others and just a combination of a lot of things, that he was going to ask to be relieved as ward mission leader and he was going to distance himself from the church. As in he is going to go inactive. And it just broke our hearts we tried to say everything we could but it was, it was bad. So that happened.

But we ended yesterday on a good note because we visited a member and she told us that she is always super lonely on Tuesday nights because her husband gets home late and her dad goes to the temple so she is at home with her little son and that us coming to visit her for a little bit was an answer to her prayers and let her remember that she's not alone and that God listens to her prayers.

So anyways. Come what may and love it. Hope you all have a great week! 

I don't have pictures because I am a parasite and I depend on pictures from other peoples cameras, so Hermanas Johnston and Borja have literally all the pictures from this week...

Hermana Rand

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Elder Clayton came and gave us all palo


So this week we had stake conference and Elder Clayton, who is like an important guy from the 70 or maybe a leader from the 70 or something, but the thing is he's cool and also the second counselor from the General Relief Society or something came and they all talked during stake conference along with President Gwilliam and his wife, the president of the mission. It was a super good stake conference, they basically told us that we have to be better and strengthen our testimonies and how when we live the gospel we will not have problems that we cannot fix, like we will still have problems but we will be able to deal with them. so that was super cool. Also I am still in the same stake as Quimey so I got to see a lot of families that I love from Quimey there!

Other than thaaaaaat all of my news is like drama between the other hermanas. But the good thing is that I am learning patience!! Woohoo!!

Anyways, here is a picture of Hermana Castro and I in the back of a trunk, we didn't actually ride in it I just thought it would be a funny picture. And the important relief society lady that came to stake conference with us and Hermana Gwilliam.

Hope you all have a lovely week!

Hermana Rand