Wednesday, July 5, 2017

changes and happy 4th

Benjamin hugging Aleigha at his baptism.
This is Aleigha's favorite pic from her mission and she said
"it was worth coming on a mission just for him..."
Hello hello!

Happy (belated) 4th of July for everyone in America!!

We had changes yesterday and I am now with Hermana Cribbs! The trio is officially done, thank goodness. ​​​​She is from Las Vegas and I definitely forgot to take a picture with her... But anyways! Thats about it. That we had changes. 

OH! And that it was the 4th of July! Haha when we woke up yesterday, Hermana Johnston and I had taken Hermana De Carvalho to the airport the day before, and we were with another hermana who's comp had also gone home. And this hermana is from Argentina and we were going around the house singing the star spangled banner at the top of our lungs and she thought we were crazy. But umm working with Hermana Cribbs is great, she is super fun and I think that our personalities are 100% the opposite of each other but thats okay because I feel like we teach well together.

Umm I literally have nothing else to say so I hope you all have a lovely week! Heres some pictures from the pday last week and from yesterday, with Hermana Johnston. Love you!

Hermana Rand

This is Aleigha's new comp, Hermana Cribbs

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