Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Chilly in Chile

Hahahaha. Well it got a bit chilly down here at the end of the world because IT SNOWED THIS PAST SATURDAY. Thats right, San Bernardo has not gotten snow in over like, 40 years and then super early in the morning on Saturday we woke up and realized that it was snowing, and I was in divisions with Hermana Borja and it was the first time she had seen snow in her life so of course we ran outside and played in the snow it was so cool. So anyways, that was super cool. And that was the most exciting thing that happened this entire week hahaha.

And also today for pday, all the people from Arizona got together and we ate food and drank Arizona drinks (those giant cans that say Arizona on it?) and I realized that I am from a completely different world than the people from Mesa and Gilbert. But thats okay because we are all from a place where the steering wheel burns your hands if you try to drive in the summer.

Also, this week, I was on divisions with another Hermana and my companion was left in the sector, and she has only been there about two weeks, and so she was trying to call a member when I was gone and she sets an appointment with a ward member so that we can visit her the day I get back. And so when I get back in the sector, that night we go looking for this lady and she tells me the name of her, its Ximena, and Im like okay I dont think I know her, lets call and get the address. When she tells it to us, we go walking down the street where supposedly this lady should live and we get all the way to the end of our sector and are like, what in the world, the numbers of the houses dont reach that high and that is the edge of our sector. So we decide to go in the other direction hoping that it will be on the other end of the street. But then we reach the other side of the sector and we still havent found the house. So Im like okay Im going to call her. And then Im talking to the hermana and I realize that this lady doesnt even live in our sector or ward, she lives in one of the wards where you need a bike to get to her house. So basically we walked from edge to edge of our sector looking for a member of another ward and had to end up telling her that we have no idea what we are doing and we cant visit her but we will send the elders. And that about sums up our companionship, we just try so hard and then we realize that we never know what we are doing hahaha. But its great.

Anyways, I hope you all have a lovely week!

Hermana Rand

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