Wednesday, July 5, 2017

the baptism of benjamin and we climbed up a mountain (part 2) [6/28/2017 email]

Hello hello!!!

Benjamin got baptized this week!! I got to go back on Saturday and be part of his baptism. I actually got to the chapel in Quimey about an hour early because they wanted me to play the piano for the baptism and since I haven't played since I left Quimey a month and a half ago I had to practice. (fun fact, my current companions and ward still don't know that I play the piano because for the baptism I just became a trio with Hermana Borja and her new companion, so they have never seen me play. But its okay because in my new ward there is a member who can play). And so I was there practicing the hymns and the special musical number that we were going to do with the elders of the ward and Benjamin walks in with his family, sees me, and runs up the stage to give me a hug and it was the cutest thing of my life, I missed him and his mom so much. Ah but it was so cool being there for his baptism. Afterwards, Jocelyn, his mom, shared her testimony about how she knew that this really was her sons choice, to take this step in his life, and how when we knocked on her door, Borja and I, that was a miracle in their life and it was one of the moments when they really knew that God had a plan for them. But really, being there and seeing him be baptized was one of the greatest rewards I could have received for being here in the mission. I just love them so much. 

As for other news, we haven't had changes yet, Hermana De Carvalho will go home this Monday and then we will see if Hermana Johnston will stay with me for another change or what. And for pday today we got to go climb another mountain, this time as a zone. It was so green and pretty which is kind of bizarre because it is winter here. But it is kind of how I have envisioned the Shire. 

ALSO another miracle that happened this week! So since this mission is so tiny and we focus on teaching menos activos and investigators, it can be kind of difficult finding new people to teach. And as a mission, there are not a lot of companionships that have been reaching the goal every week for new investigators. So not this past Monday but the one before, my comps and i fasted together to find new investigators and reach the goal for that week. And literally throughout the week, we working so hard and we were seriously SO BLESSED and at the end of the week we had not only met, but exceeded the goal! We had found families and all kinds of people throughout the week and it was so cool, especially since we had not found hardly anybody for like a month. The power of fasting. 

Anyways, I hope you all have a great week!!

Hermana Rand​

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