Monday, July 17, 2017

this one guy in the street and the cat from batman [07/12/2017 email]

Hello hello! 
This was from a little get-together they had at the President's
house for missionaries who just passed the one year mark

So this week we were contacting in a random street of our sector, and there is this dirty old guy pulling a little cart behind him who comes up to us because he saw that my companion is a blond and starts asking where she is from. But he was only talking to me because they always assume that I am the only one of the two who speaks spanish. So I tell this guy that she's from the United States and that I am as well, and he got all confused and tells me that there is no way I am from the United States, I must be from Argentina or Venezuela or something. And so then my comp starts explaining that actually, in the United States we've got people of all kinds of colors and whatnot. And he just, I dont think he believed us. So then he goes away and we keep on contacting and then this lil cat walks up to us and its breathing like Bane from Batman and we are like what the heck and we look at it and its got the front part of its face burnt off. And we felt so bad because it was so sad but for those of you who are caught up on my time in Chile, I once adopted 3 puppies for a day and it was the worst decision of my life so I was like "maaan we cant help this cat its going to give us so many problems".  But then we just felt so bad that my comp was like okay pick it up. So I do but then this freaking cat is so happy that it climbs out of my arms and up onto my shoulder and just sits down there. So then Im freaking out because there is a Bane cat on my shoulder breathing like darth vader into my ear and my comp pulls it off of me but then it freaks out and climbs onto her shoulder to. So then we are just two american girls freaking out and dying laughing in the street as I pull it off of her. And then we figured if it followed us to our house we would help it but it ended up crossing the street and we were like, well, we tried. But yeah so that was the story of how we tried to find new people to teach but ended up with an old man and a burnt cat.

Also my companion and I have decided that we have exactly opposite personalities. Like, I am bad at letting people help me and so this week we ended up having to take apart a bed (can we say life skills?) because I just didnt want to call elders and have them do it for us. And if it were up to my comp we would have just called them. So things like that we are completely different. But in terms of awkwardness we are exactly the same. So just imagine two Hermana Rands running around together hahaha. Anyways, I hope you all have a great week! 

Hermana Rand

Aleigha & her comp with Pres. & Sis Gwilliam

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