Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Hello hello!

So we just had changes yesterday and I am training an hermana from Ecuador! Her name is Hermana Guerrero and her name is honestly my worst nightmare because after 15 months in the mission I have yet to learn how to roll my "rr"s. So I am taking it as a 3 month long challenge to never ever ever say my companions name. I will keep yall updated on how it goes.

I am training her in San Miguel. I have officially said goodbye to San Bernardo. Between wards Quimey and San Bernardo, which are both from the stake San Bernardo, I was in that stake and zone for about 10 months. And now I have returned to zone San Miguel. I actually started my mission in this zone but I was in Departamental, which is the ward next to San Miguel. # tinymissionlife. And so I am training her in a whitewash, we opened the sector up for hermanas after it being closed for a cambio or two. So neither one of us has any idea what we are doing but it is great!

Yesterday we were able to visit a few members, and the elders gave us references of a few people that they were teaching but are part of our sector so they passed them to us and we were able to teach the Restoration to a family of colombianos and my companion did SO good she shared the first vision and it was such a cool experience to be able to hear her teach that on her first day.

And before changes day, Hermana Cribbs and I got to go do an open temple house in another sector which was fun. Oh and we got to go do service in another sector, we went with the elders of another zone to go sing for an hermana... who had a family member die. So we went and we sang to the family and it was so sad the lady who passed away had a really little son and he started crying as we sang and Cribbs and I were a mess, trying to comfort this little kid who had just lost his mom and it just made me so grateful for the knowledge we have that our families can be together forever. And we dont just know that they can, but we know how they can be together forever. The hermana who asked us to come was the only member of her family and it just made me really grateful to know that God does have a plan for us that is the reason why I am here, to be able to share that with everyone.

I hope you all have a lovely week!

Hermana Rand

pics of us at last pday, random stairs, renata (our investigator in san bernardo), and a dog that I named teancum because he is a killing machine

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Happy 18 of September! (round 2)

This week was so much fun!! First off, we got a call on Friday telling us that they needed us to show up for service in like 30 minutes.. so we go and turns out a house had been badly burned and they needed us to help clean it all up. It was a big two story house and basically our job was to tear it all down. WE GOT TO DESTROY A HOUSE AND THEY CALLED IT SERVICE. So there we were, 16 or so missionaries, half of us on the top floor throwing a bunch of burned wood and pieces of wall down to the lower floor and the other people were cleaning up all the stuff that we tore apart. It was definitely one of my favorite services. But by the end of it, the street in front of the house had the biggest pile of wood and debris that any of you have ever seen in your lives. But it was super cool and the family was super grateful. They weren't members so it was a great opportunity to introduce them to the church.

And then after that, we had the 18 of September! Which is basically like chilean independence day, and they celebrate it here for like 4 days straight. So I have been eating barbecue for the last 4 days. No complaints here. And for our zone activity today we decided to celebrate it the chilean way and play soccer for 4 hours and then eat barbecue! 

Also, Rogelio is one of the investigators right now who is just progressing so much, he is the kind of investigator that every missionary looks for. He has a baptism date for the 7 of October and he told us "my birthday is on the 5th of october so my present will be my baptism!". He is so awesome, he has only been to church 3 times but is so converted. He heard that our ward is going to do service this saturday and he said that he is going to come even though he works that day. And he just understands so well the gospel and the commandments and is so excited to be a part of the church. That is him in the fotos, we call him our chilean grandpa. We just love him so much. 

Anyways, it has been a week full of lots of work and really being able to see the tender mercies of the Lord. Keep your heads and think of things to be grateful for! Have an amazing week!

Hermana Rand

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Happy Fiestas Patrias!!

Hello hello family and friends!

This week was great, our ward had a party for the 18 of September which is like the chilean 4th of July. So we had half a day of being with most of our ward, eating a bunch of meat, playing ping pong, and watching people dance the cueca which is a chilean dance. So it was super fun. And I realize that it still is not the 18 of September, but they decided to put the activity a week before the actual holiday because a lot of people travel and whatnot.

And then on Sunday and Monday, we had the best days of our LIVES because the 11th of September is actually a relatively dangerous day in Chile, in some sector people really start kind of going crazy and fighting in the streets and stuff (so Ive heard, we didn't see anything near where we live) so for the afternoon on Sunday and all day on Monday we had to stay inside the house. WE HAD TO STAY INSIDE THE HOUSE. It was the most chill thing in the world, we just studied, cleaned up a bit, took a few naps, oh it was GLORIOUS.

But before that, when we went to church on Sunday we had the best day ever because the family we have been teaching, Cecilia and Luis and their son and grandkids came to church, as well as Rogelio, our chilean grandpa investigator, and two Haitian investigators came to church all in the same day. THEY ALL CAME TO CHURCH. That was the most investigators Ive seen come to the church in my entire mission, and they all LOVED it. They loved the classes, they loved the sacrament meeting and we were just so happy. So that was awesome.

And guess what!! Hermana Yufra, my second comp, came to visit Chile and totally surprised me! It was super good to see her, I have pictures and everything but they are on my comps camera... so those will come later! But that is it, we had a great week full of investigators that are really progressing and it is amazing! I hope you all have a lovely week!

Hermana Rand

Monday, September 11, 2017

Divisions in Quimey [9/6/2017 email]

Hello hello!!

This week has been great! I never got to send pics from the last pday that we had, but we had a onesie pajama party! Hey when you are in the smallest mission in the world outside of Temple Square, you have to get a little creative and almost anything outside of the ordinary seems like a blast okay? So we had a onesie pajama party! I was Mike Wazowski. 

Anyways, this past Friday I think it was, we got to go to a different sector and do an activity where we go with young women from the ward and they come be like "mini missionaries" with us. And so my companion and I were walking around with 3 girls aged like 15 and 16 in a sector that we did not know at all and we accidentally went to a pretty ghetto part without realizing it. But it was great because we found some pretty receptive people and were able to pass the references to the elders of the sector.

Also, we did a breakfast for all of our Hermanas, we all met up at our church building and had breakfast and afterwards we did a little class on the importance of studying every day. Which was pretty easy because it is one of the things that I have really gained a testimony of, is that it is really important to study the scriptures every single day. Our president has been focusing this change on revelation, and how we can better receive and understand revelation as missionaries. And really as I have been able to study and focus on that, I have been able to see that really God communicates with His children all the time, it is just that we sometimes do not listen or act on what He says.

Also! This week I was able to do divisions with one companionship of Hermanas and I got to go back to Quimey, my past sector and we visited Benjamin! It was so cool to be able to see him and Jocelyn again, because they are just as strong as ever and when we taught the Plan of Salvation, Benjamin remembered EVERYTHING and was able to explain it all to us and he said that as soon as he turns 12 he wants to go to the temple and do baptisms there and oh it just made me so happy to see him and how he is still doing so good. They are my favorite miracle. Hope you all have a lovely week!

Hermana Rand

What even happened this week [8/30/2017 email]

Hola!! This week has been great, not going to lie the only pictures we have taken are with Dude, the mission dog, from when he followed us home and slept in our house. So here you go! I promise he's actually really cute, just in this picture he kind of did a face like Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes.

BUT ANYWAYS. Not quite sure if I have already told this story but literally the people right now are contacting US not the other way around. The other day, Hermana Cribbs and I were walking in the street just laughing like normal and this couple of old people come up to us and is like, "hey do you guys have magazines?" and we are like what the heck no we don't sell magazines... we have pamphlets if you want?" and they are like "yeah we do! Can we have some?" and we are just like mmmokay and we start talking to them and the lady is telling us that she wants to get baptized, there was a time when she was receiving the missionaries and was going to get baptized but then her mom got sick and just so many things happened that she wasn't able to. And they were like, "were not married but we want to get married and baptized in your church, we just love what you teach" and we are like, well that is literally our job! And they invited us over to teach them the next day and when we passed by for them it was awesome! We were able to teach them both and they are just so ready to listen! Talk about miracles.

And yeah we have been working hard, working hard working hard. It is finally getting a little bit warmer her so that is cool. Every time I talk with somebody who is from a different Spanish speaking country I learn just how many of the words I am speaking are Chilean Spanish words. Turns out a lot! But Im doing good. Everything is good. Life is good. Hope you all have a lovely week!

Hermana Rand

Photo of Entire Mission!

Here's a photo we took from the mission Facebook page, it's the entire mission together. Aleigha is in the front row, the fifth from the left...